Bonjour! In this week's Teacher Feature, we focus on Ms Shone Tatil, our dedicated French Teacher.

Originally from France, Ms Tatil is no stranger to the world of language learning, having done it herself from a very young age. After completing her PGCE in modern foreign languages, she gained valuable experience teaching in the UK and Spain before joining BISL in 2021. When she is not teaching French, you might also find Ms Tatil instilling her passion for other languages, such as Spanish, in students at any opportunity she gets.

Briefly describe your journey as a teacher.

Being a teacher has always been something that has fascinated me. When I started to think about finding my career plan, I knew that I wanted to share knowledge and to keep evolving in an area where I always felt good: school. This is the reason why I started studying languages very early, in order to be able to teach them as soon as possible. After studying English at the University of Bordeaux, in France, I spent a year in England to improve my language skills and study literature in foreign languages. This led me to do a double Masters in France and in London, where I got my PGCE to teach French and Spanish as foreign languages. After graduating and working as a student-teacher in British schools in London, I moved to Spain and taught French there for a year. These experiences led me to work as a French teacher at BISL, where I continue doing what I like the most: teaching and learning languages!

Why did you decide to specialise in French?

I started to learn languages when I was a child and since then, it has become a passion of mine. I always wanted to be a teacher, and when I started to look for a subject to specialise in, French became obvious for me. French is not only my mother tongue, but a language that has a rich history, a melody, a cultural background, and very interesting patterns that are easy to understand. I embrace the challenges that come with learning a new language - I too am teaching using my second language - but it is always possible to learn new languages at any age in a fun and engaging environment! I wanted to specialise in French to make this language accessible, enjoyable and interesting, and I strive to instil this in our students here at BISL.

What makes BISL such a unique place to work?

There are many reasons why BISL is such a unique place to work, one of them being the international education it brings to its students. Working in this exciting intercultural environment is very enriching, both in terms of teaching and personal development. Being a through-school, children can study at BISL from Early Years all the way to A-levels, which is very interesting. Students are guided through their whole educational journey while developing continually in a safe and supportive environment, and this also applies to the teachers. As a member of staff, I feel supported by everyone at BISL. There is always someone giving a bit of their time to help, or to share advice, which makes a big difference, and I appreciate these professional relationships.

How would you describe a typical day at BISL?

My typical day would usually start with a warm coffee and some chats with the staff, where we greet each other and get ready to teach. I then check my emails, get my resources ready for the day, and go to see my Form class, where we check everything we have to do that day and do some activities. After this, I get to teach both students from Primary and Secondary, striving to instill a love for languages into them by playing some games, working on their pronunciation, and getting them engaged as much as possible! When the school day finishes, this is the moment for me to take some rest, get in touch with parents and get everything ready for the day that follows.

Why is the experience of an international education important for a student?

Having an international education is important and beneficial for students' knowledge and future. There are many things to discover around the world, and having this intercultural mindset is the first step. We are very fortunate to have students and teachers from all around the globe, providing us with the chance to learn a lot from each other. Moreover, studying in an English-speaking environment, learning languages and a variety of exciting subjects following the British curriculum, all in beautiful Slovenia, offers a unique opportunity and will open many doors for students in their future.

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