We are continuing our Teacher Feature series this week with Ms Lauren Thomas, our cheerful Year 5 Teacher.

Experienced in the world of international education, Ms Thomas brings a calm energy into the classroom every day, setting the scene for an ideal learning environment for her students with enthusiasm to develop children's creativity, problem-solving, independence and confidence. Outside of lessons, you will find Ms Thomas in the library, fostering a love of literacy even in our youngest of students.

Briefly describe your journey as a teacher.

I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. My mother always reminds me that when I was younger, I would always say without hesitation that I would be a teacher when I was older. Luckily for me, that dream came true. I completed a 3-year degree in Primary Education at University, as I knew this was the only career for me. As soon as I qualified, I went straight into teaching in a lovely school in North Wales. During my time in the UK, I completed a Master’s in Education which I very much enjoyed. My next aim is to complete a PhD. Even though I loved the school, the urge to travel took over and this is when I made the choice to work abroad.

Why did you decide to specialise in primary education?

Working with primary school children is magical. Every day is completely different and most of all, fun. Children are enthused by learning and teaching them is the best job in the world. I decided to specialise in primary education because I love seeing a class progress and grow throughout the year. I also adore teaching a range of subjects and couldn’t imagine only teaching one.

What makes BISL such a unique place to work?

BISL has a positive and supportive community and is a great place to work. All teachers work together to create a stimulating and supportive environment for the children. The children make the school what it is and are a joy to be around.

How would you describe a typical day at BISL?

My morning always begins with coffee. I then organise my classroom and go down to the playground and welcome my students. Seeing their happy faces is truly the best part of the day. In class, we then talk about the timetable for the day and take the register. Throughout the day the class has English, Maths and Topic lessons that are planned to be both challenging and enjoyable. When I have a spare minute, I am either getting a top-up on a coffee, in the library or in a humanities meeting. At home time, you can normally find me with a walkie talkie ensuring all children make it home safely. The day ends how it begins, with a smile.

Why is the experience of an international education important for a student?

As a child, I attended international schools in both Germany and France and loved every moment. Being in an international environment as a child is invaluable as it allows them to grow in a unique way. International education is important as it exposes children to different cultures, languages and perspectives. In my class alone there are 10 different nationalities, which is amazing.

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