At the British International School of Ljubljana, we are currently investing in a comprehensive Slovene language learning programme and are now delighted with the progress of the strategies we have introduced. Learning Slovene at all levels is a very important part of the curriculum for our students. We are especially proud of the new plans in place and the exciting development of our ‘Advanced’ group of students.

This provision will take Slovene language learning to a higher level, ensuring that students develop to the best standard, enjoying an international curriculum while remaining extremely competitive in comparison with local peers.

Across Key Stages I and 2, the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum that is age appropriate, modified to reflect the history and culture of Slovenia. Throughout the school, the curriculum is enhanced for local context through the inclusion of the Slovene language.”
BSO Inspection Report 2021

Format of the classes

  • As an ‘Outstanding school’ in Slovenia, we are committed to offering a high quality of local language learning.

  • All students have Slovene lessons from EY to Year 9. From Year 10 it becomes an optional subject.

  • Our students are split into two classes in the age groups they work in.

  • They are either in the ‘Advanced’ class or the ‘Intermediate’ class.

  • Both classes are designed to ensure students are supported and encouraged to make the best progress possible at their level of learning.

  • The progress of all students is checked on a regular basis, intervention and extra work is provided to maintain outstanding student achievement.

The Advanced Class

  • The Advanced class is for the elite group of students who can speak Slovene at a very high level.

  • Beginner students will not be in this class.

  • This class will focus on developing language skills further toward mastery and a high level of challenge and fluency.

  • This class is tailored towards the native or near-native speakers.

It’s an honour to be part of BISL where our students are growing academically and personally. I am proud of my students who are enthusiastic and curious learners. They are always ready to overcome challenges and achieve as best they can."
Ms Košec, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

The Intermediate Class

  • The Intermediate class is designed for all abilities to access and join.

  • This class is not for language ‘experts’.

  • This class will focus on basic vocabulary, key words, conversations and topics related to daily life.

  • This class is tailored towards beginners or students who have a foundation/basic understanding in the language.

What a privilege it is to teach Slovene in the British international school system! Teachers and students always find ways to make lessons enjoyable and interesting. No matter what, students' ideas are always warmly welcome."
Ms Drofenik, Slovene Teacher

Slovene After School

We also run Slovene Mastery classes after school to give our students further opportunities to consolidate learning and stretch ahead in all areas of language learning.

Please email or for more details.

Our Slovene Language Department at BISL

  1. Fully qualified staff.

  2. Native speakers for Slovene language teaching.

  3. Small class sizes for personalised learning.

  4. Pedagogy training for all staff and professional development.

Quality of Learning

During our recent School Inspection, we were awarded the highest grade possible ‘Outstanding’. In the report, the use of collaboration, group activities and impressive curriculum was observed in the Slovene lessons:

In a Years 5 and 6 Slovene lesson, clever use of groups ensured all students were supported at an appropriate level by their peers.”
BSO Inspection Report 2021

What Students Learn

Slovene Language curriculum plans are available across the school.

This includes an overview of every lesson, block and the topics they will study for the entire academic year. Available for every year group, parents and students can access these to plan ahead and check what they are learning.

How Students Learn

  • Vocabulary is key and our students build their vocabulary in all four areas to enhance their communication skills: reading, listening, writing, speaking.

  • We focus on sentence structures - grammar and spelling - as these are key pillars of the Slovene language.

  • Higher Order questions are used to develop deeper learning, for example: evaluate... create... compare... analyse…

  • We encourage students to present in front of their peers, to practice speaking and build their confidence.

  • We make retrieval practice fun using quizzes and Kahoots.

  • There is a lot of group work to allow for discussions.

  • We also focus on reading comprehension, covering a variety of texts that increase in complexity as our students progress.

  • Students perfect a range of writing styles, from essays to persuasive and narrative writing, as well as storytelling in the younger age groups.

  • We implement creative art and music activities into lessons, for example drawing a comic book or singing in Slovene.

  • As an international school, we celebrate culture days, including the likes of Pust and Prešeren Day.

  • Students have the opportunity to go to the theatre and other cultural outings to enhance their learning.

What Our Students Say

We look forward to the coming academic year and to celebrating the progress, successes and achievements in our Languages department.

To find out more about what was covered this year during our Languages Block, please click here for a block round up article.