Dear reader,

As we have finished Block 5, it has been such a busy and exciting end to a wonderful term, with so many opportunities for our students to enjoy.

During this block, we have experienced many events and activities for the students to learn from and to be proud of their achievements. This may have come from performances, dancing, music, exams, visits or in class. I am very proud of all of our students this term, each and every single one of them.

In the last week of the block, the Head Boy and Girl presented the end of term assembly, recognising and celebrating the achievements of students from a wide variety of areas of school life. Students were presented with certificates of appreciation and the House winners were announced. We enjoyed a video showcasing all of the events this term and also had a wonderful performance by our secondary music band.

The BISL Dance show was such a special occasion. I was delighted with this ‘We love Disney’ production as this was one of the best shows I have attended, from start to finish it was of excellent quality. The sheer delight, emotion and enjoyment on the faces of the students was a treat to witness. The dancers, performers and helpers all did an astonishing job to make it such an amazing evening. Every student performed with such confidence it was inspiring to watch. Well done to everyone involved and a special thank you to Ms Petra.

The Science week was a tremendous way to celebrate and raise the awareness of Science in the School. We had a solar system, student displays, practical lessons, a rocket competition and finished the week with a student-led presentation. I was very happy with this event and also very pleased that students who have a passion for learning through Science have had such an opportunity to channel this energy through. In the future we will do many more ‘focussed’ projects on all subjects enabling students to get involved in competitions and showcase their learning to others. A special thank you to the Science team and well done to all of the students involved.

Over the past few weeks we have had Mock exams, the Memorial football match, French cooking, BIMS music, Open Day, MEPI, Planica, Science trips, Movie night, International College Fair, Pust, World Book Day and many other wonderful events to participate in. In class the students have received their reports and we have had great attendance to our Parents evenings to talk through the progress of the students in their classes.

On the last Friday of term, the staff started to clean and organise the Woodland Area so we can make this a cleaner and safer place for our students to learn in during Term 3. We planted 30 mini trees, flowers, grass seed, created 2 mini gardens and placed a new garden bench in the area for a great location for the warm months ahead. Our scout group created a relaxing homemade bench out of wooden logs and rope and it fits perfectly into our area. I’m very excited to see this develop over the coming weeks and will work with the PTA to plan an event so other families can come in and enjoy working on the Woodland Area.

At the front of the school, we have planted 12 trees and also placed flowers in the garden to create a better entrance into our school community.

Finally, thank you to all parents for your ongoing support, especially during the past few weeks which have been incredible with all of the recent activities, events and competitions. It’s been very hard work but I’m sure you agree there have been many positives and students have had a fantastic time.

Hope you’ve had a great Term 2 and I look forward to an exciting summer term!

Kind regards, Paul Walton