Katja pic

Katja Drolc

Admissions & Marketing

Ms Katja is delighted to be part of the BISL family as our Admission and Marketing team, committed to delivering excellent service at every stage of the admissions process in her new role, and is excited to be a brand ambassador for the school. She relishes the opportunity to connect with students and parents as it gives her the opportunity to flourish and grow strong relationships within our community and support our families along their BISL learning journey.

Ms Katja sees this role as a great balanced mix of her interests. During her studies in the field of Economics, she held positions in various administrative, secretarial and marketing roles. Along with her desire to travel after completing her studies came new work experiences in the fields of customer service and tourism, while living in New Zealand. Then, she started working as a kindergarten Assistant and later put this experience to great use, while volunteering in Cambodia, helping with funding and teaching English to preschoolers. Most recently Ms Katja has been living and working in Dubai, traveling for work and providing an excellent customer experience and safe environment, working as a cabin crew for Emirates Airlines. All of these experiences have led her to BISL, where she has quickly become an integral member of our community.

In her spare time, Ms Katja finds joy in hiking mountains, engaging in various outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, and practicing yoga, keeping her physically active and connected with nature.