The recent residential trips for students from Year 2 to Year 6 to Debeli Rtič in Ankaran were action-packed and memorable.

On Monday morning, the Year 2 students left school filled with excitement. Upon arrival, they participated in a treasure hunt to explore the venue and build teamwork skills. They enjoyed the playgrounds, the sea, and a football pitch. In the afternoon, they practiced archery and took a scenic walk through the vineyards of Ankaran, ending the day with a movie night.

On Tuesday, they woke up early for a boat trip to Piran, where they enjoyed the views and had a dance party on the boat. In Piran, they savored ice cream in a park and later took a cooking course to make miške, a delicious treat. The day concluded with a dance party back at their residence. Wednesday marked the end of their trip. Despite being tired, the children returned home proud of their responsible and independent behavior throughout the trip.

Similarly, Year 3 and Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students had a three-day trip filled with exciting activities. They traveled by coach to Debeli Rtič and started with a treasure hunt followed by archery. After settling into their rooms, they played games, watched a movie, and prepared for the next day's adventure. The following morning, they boarded a boat to Piran, enjoyed ice cream, and had a dance party on the return trip. They also participated in a miške cooking session, ensuring inclusive recipes for everyone. The evening ended with a celebratory dance party. On the final day, they packed up, spent time by the sea, explored the beach, and had one last playtime before heading back to school.

The trip was tiring but incredibly fun, leaving the children with many happy memories.