We take immense pride in our Year 6 student, Kara, for her outstanding achievement in winning the COBIS KS1-2 Poetry competition. Congratulations, Kara!

Organized by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), this poetry competition was open to students from international schools globally. The theme for this year's competition was "A Future to Be Proud Of." It serves as a fantastic platform for young writers to engage in international competition and showcase their literary talents.

With a total of 226 entries from 135 schools worldwide, this year's competition was highly competitive. Kara took the first place in the Key Stage 1-2 category with her poem titled "My Future is..."

We invite you to take your time and read Kara's winning poem.

My future is an egg.
Right now, it’s solid,
Hard and full of potential.
It rests waits to open.

My future is a staircase.
The stairs just keep on going,
Heading to the top
To find the final prize.

My future is all locked up,
As I fumble and fiddle around for keys.
It’s too hard to open.
But I can reach the keys when I’m older.

My future is full of glee.
I want to be a star,
Or maybe just stay low.
My future is a mystery.

My future is made by me,
But it’s wild like a fire.
I mould it out of clay.
But it won’t always obey.

My future is a rollercoaster,
Up and down, up, and down.
My future is a light.
Guiding me through the dark.
My future is a piece of art,
Painted bit by bit.
My future is a car,
Fast and slow, fast and slow.

Although I hope for a bright one,
Nothing is a promise.
But what I see is dreams,
Waiting to unfold.

My future is...Kara, Year 6
Kara poetry