Dear Parents and Families,

Planning and Development

Whilst we are only just approaching the halfway point of this school year (16th February is the 100th school day of this academic year!), the planning for the next school year 2023/24 is fully in the minds of our school leadership team.

As an example, our Y9 students are aware, they have already been asked about their potential interest in the iGCSE options for when they start Y10 next August, and Y11 will soon do the same for their A Level choices when entering our 6th Form. You, as parents, will also be asked in February for your re-enrolment intentions for your children. All of these things are examples of some of the information and variables we need to establish in order to offer the correct subjects and numbers of classes, with the correct number of appropriate teachers and with the necessary equipment, ready for the new school year.

In addition to curriculum development, increased staffing levels, increased leadership roles within the school in order to effect real change, and enhanced budgets to meet the needs of our school, we are also already planning a full summer works programme, and in particular obtaining design proposals and quotations for an entirely new EY outdoor learning area, playground and forest area. The clear goal is to get this planning and design completed, so that the work is able to take place during the school’s summer holidays. This development will be a tremendous addition to our school, and hopefully become a marker for a strategy of continued site improvement in the coming months and years. Part of this strategy has also been for us as a school to add to our professional maintenance capacity. From February onwards we will have a new maintenance contract in place that will ensure quick and appropriate maintenance care and improvement for our site and facilities. Good news indeed.

Example only!

example of the playground

There is also some good news concerning our staffing levels for now, as we will welcome two new Assistant teachers to BISL after the February block break. Their arrival will assist with the provision on EY in particular, and also in Primary more generally.

The times ahead seem exciting for the school and its community. We aim to undertake a journey of continuous improvement.

Student Leadership

As part of the school’s drive to provide real and genuine opportunities for student leadership, I was delighted last week to attend the ‘Informativa’ Education and Careers Fair, and share the excellent BISL stand with two of our students (Ema Y10 and Alex Y11). They were there as part of our Marketing team who spoke with prospective students and their families. The fair as a whole, and the BISL stand in particular, were very busy and our students did a highly professional job. They greeted families and students and explained very fully and accurately the values, education and opportunities available at our school. Very well done and thank you to both of them, and our Marketing team who provided support and guidance. A valuable experience, without doubt.


Assessment Workshop

Thank you also to those parents who attended Mr. Travis’ workshop on Assessment at BISL. The goal of the session was to provide parents with greater insight about how children learn, how they receive feedback and the responses from our students that we are attempting to create. In this way, we hope that through careful, targeted assessment the BISL students will make genuine progress in understanding and application of new learning over time. Very interesting.

All best wishes for a relaxing weekend,

Matthew Cox

School Principal