A word from Mrs Železinger

Dear Parents and Students,

The cold weather has persisted this week, but we have continued to take advantage of being outside as much as possible. The Year 5 and 6 classes took advantage of the recent snowfall and went on a winter adventure to Krvavec for a fun day of sledging. You can read more about their trip and activities going on in other classes in the sections below and on our website.

Our latest weekly discussions within the teacher development sessions have centred around the topic of homework, as this is an area that teachers get asked about quite often. Students and parents may have different perceptions and experiences (from other educational settings) of when and how homework is given, as well as, what the purpose of homework actually is and how effective it is in impacting students’ learning.

Research shows that practice or rehearsal of subject matter already taught and homework that is linked to classroom work, are the most effective. As a result, the BISL Primary school homework expectations generally include:

Daily reading, with parents reading with their children in lower primary, and older students completing various reading record tasks. Students are also encouraged to read in their mother tongue. Weekly spelling practice to support language development and writing skills.

Weekly tasks linked to English, Maths, Topic (and other specialist subjects) involving practice or rehearsal of subject matter already taught (e.g. practical real-life Maths activities for younger students and further Maths questions for older students).

Homework at any yeargroup level does not have to have a written outcome. It might be a follow-up of work done in class or consist of preparation for work yet to be done and can involve independent and student-led work. We endeavour to make homework meaningful, emphasise thinking skills rather than quantity and time spent, and make sure the homework is accessible to all learners and has a positive impact on student motivation.

Where appropriate (depending on the nature/purpose of homework), teacher feedback is given which may include feedback provided in class, oral or written praise, feedback stamps or written comments (e.g. highlighting sections to work on/misconceptions/errors) and questions to prompt further thinking, rewards, and general review of homework in class. Feedback is an opportunity for students to reflect and respond to, and thus develop and improve, their learning and academic achievement. As always, if parents have concerns regarding their child’s progress or specific questions about homework, we urge them to talk to the Class Teacher.

Our youngest students in the Early Years have continued to explore the world of Dinosaurs. It has been wonderful to see them learning about fossils and being creative: their ‘pasta dinosaur’ art pieces are to be particularly admired.

Last but not least, I was pleasantly surprised by the Year 1 visit today, during which the student presented an invitation to their upcoming show about ‘lights and rhymes’ on 2nd February. We look forward to it!

Please see the sections below for further exciting news on individual classes and subjects. For the latest Update from the Principal and other upcoming events, see the News section on our website. Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Katarina Železinger, Head of Primary

Class Teacher Reports

Early Years

This week in the Early Years, we have been deepening our knowledge about dinosaurs and learning why and how the dinosaurs went extinct. In addition, we have been learning about fossils and where we can find them.

Our students become palaeontologists for a week uncovering and studying fossils covered in the sand. They had fun discovering and exploring the fossils with a magnifying glass and practising new dinosaur[1]related vocabulary while discussing their findings. To better understand how the fossils are made, the students have been creating pasta dinosaur skeletons and placing buttons on paper shells and footprint fossils with tweezers.

In Math, the students have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and have used their cutting skills to create cone-shaped dinosaurs.

Ms Kukovica

Year 1

Year 1 students have been learning about letters this week in English lessons. To put our learning into action, we wrote letters to our

parents and sent them to their homes! In Math, we have been looking at even and odd numbers along with counting in 2s. In Topic lessons, we explored shadows and drew silhouettes of our faces. We can't wait to show all our learning next week in a presentation for parents!

We have been very lucky this week to have some students from Y4 come and read to us and help in some lessons as part of their acts of kindness week.

Ms Miklavec

Year 2

This week Y2 has started learning about measurement. A topic that many children enjoyed because it allowed them to measure everything in the class. We first looked at centimetres and metres.

We used rulers to measure our feet and objects in our classroom. At the end of the week, we started learning about grams and kilograms. The students were extremely excited to use the pan scale and weigh all the objects in our classroom.

Year 3

This week, the 3 scientists conducted a chromatography experiment. The equipment was analysed and checked before a line of paint was drawn onto a strip of filter paper. Small containers were filled with water and the strip was dipped into them, as it has been discovered that the results are the best when only the very end of the filter paper was dipped into the water. After some minutes children were able to observe the different component colours of their felt tip pens colours.

Ms Spangl and Ms Blundell

Year 4

This week, some of Year 4 students embarked on a mission to spread kindness throughout the school community. The students took on various acts of kindness, most exciting was helping younger students with their work.

These acts not only brightened the days of their peers, but also had a profound impact on the Year 4 students themselves. It was a reminder that small acts of kindness can go a long way in creating a happier and more supportive community.

Ms Pirnat and Ms Harris

Year 5

Year 5 very much enjoyed their sledging trip to Krvavec. We had lots of fun going up on the gondola and on the 4 person chair lift to our sledging spot. It was so nice to see the children all sledging down together.

What a fantastic day!

Mrs Thomas-Hayes

Year 6

In our recent PSHE lesson, Year 6 had the opportunity to explore different ways of resolving conflicts. We began by participating in a role-playing activity, where we were divided into small groups and given scenarios to act out. This allowed us to brainstorm various solutions and come up with effective ways to resolve conflicts.

We also did the Hot seat activity, where one of our classmates sat in front of the class and shared an experience they had with a friend. Overall, the lesson was interactive and engaging, and the students all came away with a better understanding of how to handle conflicts in a positive and effective way. We look forward to implementing these skills in our everyday lives.

The Year 6 students had a Science task to bake bread. This was a great learning experience for them as they got to explore the science behind baking bread. They learned about the importance of yeast and how it helps the bread rise. The students had a lot of fun kneading the dough and watching it rise in the oven. They were all proud of their finished product and enjoyed the delicious bread they had made.

Mr Kokalj

Departmental News

PE Across PE this week, we completed our gymnastics block by performing a choreographed routine for the rest of the class in small groups. Tasked with incorporating jumps, rolls, spins and balance poses into their sequencing, the students worked collaboratively to create their gymnastics routine to a theme of their choosing. We also focused on the aesthetics of gymnastic performance and the importance of body language and expression when performing for an audience.

PE Department


This week, our EAL group had a fun way to practice spelling by writing words on desks with whiteboard markers. The students were motivated and it helped them visually retain the spelling.

At the end of the activity, the students had to check and improve each other's work, providing a valuable opportunity for peer-review and further learning. This low-pressure, hands-on activity is always success and will be repeated in the future.

Mr Siter


It was a really productive week for Year 1 and 2 students at Slovene Foundation. Students were playing a memory game where they had to find pairs of different toys. They have also been learning how to name colours in Slovene and tried to write them down as well. Good job!

Ms Drofenik

Students in Y1 and Y2 in the Slovene intermediate group started a new topic this week, which is all about our planet - “Naš planet”.

They looked at the photos of different animals and natural sights and started making booklets about them.

Ms Jakop

Other News

                                           Winner of Year 5 Poetry Competition

                                                             Winter! Winter! Winter

                                                           The snow falls like glitter,

                                                               Upon a snowy path,

                                                              Where silence rules,

                                                                A million diamonds,

                                                              Fall down all at once,

                                                      Jiggling as if it is a shining star,

                                               Then 3 winter songs blared out at once,

                                                                  I climb the wind,

                                                             Flying on its shoulders,

                                                                 The view is great,

                                                           The feeling is even better.

                                                            The snow was reserved,

                                                           Only one star was awake,

                                                           so it whirled and twirled.

                                                            Across the world

                                                               A dream still lives.

                                                         We thought about Brazil,

                                                       Will we go on the giant hill,

                                                            The world stays still

                                                           Sleeping in its dreams.

                                                              Upon this feeling

                                                                My eyes lit up

                                                             The dream is over

                                                              Winter is still up.