Our Year 6 students in Primary school were recently tasked with writing an argument convincing humans why animals should take over the ruling of our planet. We would like to share this very impressive text with our school community:

Should humans really rule?

Wars, claiming millions and massacring the minority; climate change, puffing smoke into the air; humans are amazing, aren’t they?

Humans would argue, saying that they ‘cleaned the ocean’ and ‘saved the pandas’, but can we get a reminder why? The humans fix their own mistakes and pat themselves on the back for it; when in reality, if they never trophy hunted, northern white rhinos would still be alive, and if they didn’t throw trash in the sea, all of those trash collecting robots would be useless!

Animals, on the other hand, love the earth, and would sacrifice their lives, without flinching, to stop this nonsense. Still, humans do not understand their wrongdoing and sit in the king’s chair, which is not a way to be responsible.

Some may say that they made great achievements; the internet, moon landing and powerful societies. But how does that help the earth? Exactly. It doesn‘t. All of that is only for their personal comfort.

War is terrible; millions are killed, not only humans but animals too. Bombing houses and nuclear bombs, damaging the environment. On the contrary, with Animal Rule in charge, no wars will ever be sparked and peace will be the new word for life.

By voting for the Animal Rule political party, you help stop polluting the environment. Only the geniuses and most responsible humans are part of it, including me, and when we win, handling of the planet will be instantly given to the animals.

One of the People Power party’s pamphlets states: “Paper and wood companies might be ones you worry about making deforestation a word; however, the previously stated businesses plant 20 million trees in 5 days.” Trees can reproduce themselves! The only reason so many trees have to be planted every day is that humans themselves chop them down to make themselves some couches and armchairs!

But, believe it: the changes are not so bad; they are reversible. Planting trees without cutting them down will replace the leftover dirty air with fresh oxygen, since only electric cars, buses and other non-gasoline modes of transport will be allowed to go on the road. Rainforests will be restored so humans and animals will live in perfect balance again, while progress will be switched to colonizing the moon so houses and cities can be built again by putting factories there, while logging will be legal only in secured areas, approved by the government.

Children will be educated in important skills, like survival, and physical education periods will increase. Schools will teach other important material, too, and students will have personal mini-interviews so the council can reconsider their choices if students like it or not.

Hopefully, by reading this you have been fully convinced of the truth; that humans can’t run the planet on their own. And that’s the goal of the Animal Rule party: to save the planet.

Vote for us.

Vote for change.

Daniil, Year 6, Animal Rule political party CEO