Dear Parents and Families,

‘Make A Xmas Wish’ Project

There was sheer delight at school today as our Y6 students and others loaded the amazing 160 Make A Xmas Wish presents onto the vehicles of our partner organization. They will then distribute the gifts to the relevant families and children in time for Christmas.

Many, many thanks to the entire BISL community for the incredible response to this community project. Hopefully, your generosity will help to make a child’s Xmas that little bit more special this year. I believe that the BISL community has shown what it truly values through these actions – Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Commitment.

I include also, very particular thanks to our Marketing and Admissions team, alongside support from the PTA, who have led this wonderful project from start to finish. Even the Christmas trees, their flashing lights, and with the lovely presents all around, created a very special sight this year. To quote one of our visitors recently,

‘That is an incredible sight, I have never seen so many beautiful presents’

Thanks, and congratulations indeed to BISL’s Tjaša, Katja and Ana for their dedication and hard work.

Messaging Teachers

Please can I remind that parents that, whilst we try to get back to parent messages as efficiently as possible, I do insist that the main focus of all BISL teachers is on the children and their learning.

If you email our teachers please do not expect an immediate reply. All staff are instructed that they should respond to all family messages within 48 hours.

If urgent please do call the school number rather than send the teachers a message as they are most likely to be teaching in class and are not permitted to be viewing their inbox at that time. Equally, if the problem is significant please do call or message to make an appointment to meet the teacher concerned. They will get back to you with a suggested day or time. In advance, many thanks for your support.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

EY and Primary

In order to book an appointment with your child’s teachers, parents must login to the Meeting booking system by clicking this link - Register for BISL Parent Teacher Meetings

  • Early Years and Primary Parent Teacher Meetings will take place in the first week of January 2023
  • EY and Primary parents will be able to book their appointment for the Parent teacher Meetings during the school holiday online.

BISL Xmas Fayre Reminder

A reminder about next week’s BISL Xmas Fayre that will be held on Thursday 15th December 2022, which will be held on Thursday 15th December at school between 2pm and 4pm.

Even Santa is coming. He promised…. ssshhh…..don’t tell anyone!

Last Day of School Term 1

A reminder that school finishes for all students at 12pm on Friday 16th December.

And finally, by the time you read this update, the cast and crew of our 'Peter Pan' production will have delivered two joyous performances. We have been encouraged to channel that little part of us all 'that simply refuses to grow up!' - just like Peter P himself. Congratulations to all students and staff involved and good luck for the grand finale on Monday.

All best wishes,

Matthew Cox

School Principal