Dear Parents and Families,

Many thanks to those parents who attended our ‘Positive Parenting’ workshop this week. These are occasions that are about sharing experiences as well as picking up tips for how best to manage our children. The great thing I find about this type of workshop is most definitely discovering that, as a parent, ‘you are not alone’ and that other families also have similar concerns or doubts.

Parenting workshops are regularly requested in school communities, so we will certainly be holding further workshops on this subject in the near future.

‘Make A Xmas Wish’ Project

Thanks also to all those students and parents who have sent in or are currently wrapping gifts for our ‘Make A Xmas Wish’ Project. Your support is appreciated. Please do keep them coming in and if you need further assistance or would like to provide another gift please do not hesitate to contact your son or daughter’s class or form teacher.


A huge thanks to our PTA who came into school recently to put up the Christmas decorations. The school is looking very festive as a result, and I have heard many Xmas songs and tunes being sung and played.

I must say that the staff yoga session this week was a particular delight; the new building assembly room was atmospheric with its Christmas tree lights flashing in the gathering darkness. Yoga at Christmas is a good way to manage your wellbeing for sure.

Parent Portal & Reports

Our Y7, Y10 and Y12 reports will be sent out next Wednesday 7th December, and the Early Years and Primary reports in the final week of this term. As with recent reminders to parents, all BISL school reports are now published via the ‘Parent Portal’ – please click BISL Parent Portal Access to enter. The registration, username and password guide has been emailed to parents already. Contact for further assistance as necessary.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

In order to book an appointment with your child’s teachers, parents must login to the Meeting booking system by clicking this link - Register for BISL Parent Teacher Meetings

• Secondary Parent Teacher meetings are from 5th to 15th December
• Early Years and Primary Parent Teacher Meetings will take place in the first week of January 2023

School Attendance

Thank you for your supportive and thoughtful responses concerning my message last week over the need for a high level of school attendance. As ever your support is very much appreciated. A full attendance rate really is an important factor in a student’s success in school.

Observing Learning

Members of the School’s leadership team have been observing a great number of lessons recently, and it is reassuring that so many of them have included great learning opportunities.
I Have enjoyed seeing both PE and History lessons when the students have peer-evaluated each other and provided amazing feedback. Facilitated by some skilled teaching, our KS3 students, working in groups, were guided to give precise and specific comments that supported improvement…EBI for example = ‘Even better if…’, ABC = ‘Add to, Build Upon, or Challenge’

There is no doubt that building each other’s knowledge and skills together is powerful learning; whether our students are practicing to ‘retain possession and move in an invasion game such as Handball or Basketball or Y7 re-enacting the adventures of Mansa-Musa and his brother (Malian Empire) in History.

Last Day of School Term

Whilst we will be ensuring we are maintaining standards and working right up to the end of term, please note that, as per the published academic calendar, school finishes for all students at 12pm on Friday 16th December.

Finally, do remember to come along to the BISL Xmas Fayre on Thursday 15th December 2022, which will be held on Thursday 15th December at school between 2pm and 4pm.

All best wishes,

Matthew Cox
School Principal