Dear Parents and Families,

As always, as the term 1 nears its conclusion and Christmas approaches, in schools there are a great many events and activities squeezed into a relatively short time. BISL this year is most definitely no different.

Parent Portal & Reports

An example of this is the issuing of our school reports and the parent teacher meetings that are held after the reports have been read. All Y11 & Y13 students should have received their school reports this week via the ‘Parent Portal’ – please click BISL Parent Portal Access to enter. The registration, username and password guide has been emailed to parents already.

If you have any issues gaining access please do contact for assistance. All other year groups will receive their reports in the very near future.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

It is very important that all parents do take the time to login in the Parent Portal, read their son or daughter’s report and prepare some questions for the Parent-Teacher meeting to follow.

For secondary parents, all Y7 to Y13 Parent Teacher meetings will be held online between 5th and 15th December.

In order to book an appointment with your child’s teachers, parents must login to the Meeting booking system by clicking this link - Register for BISL Parent Teacher Meetings

When you click on the link you will see the registration page

Login isams

Please be aware that if the registration information that you input does not match EXACTLY that held by the school’s management system, you will see this message appear!

login isams

If this message does appear, parents are advised to try alternative different spelling of names.

-for example;

  • Tjasa OR Tjaša
  • Cox-Smith OR Cox Smith

If that also fails, please contact

Good luck and thank in advance. Once registered the Parent Teacher Meeting system is simple to use to book your teacher appointments.

Early Years and Primary Parent Teacher Meetings will take place in the first week of January 2023

Your Child’s School Attendance

As a follow up to a previous message in this update, I write again to remind all students and their families of the critical importance research places on high levels of student attendance in school, throughout the 15 years of a standard school career. The vast majority of all research results are overwhelming and obvious of course; in simple terms, the more regularly a student attends school, the more academically successful they are.

For example, consider the two examples below:

Student A an average 97% attendance between Nursery and Y13

  • = 75 school days missed per year
  • = 15 school weeks
  • = 0.42 years full school years missed

Student B has an average 80% attendance rate between Nursery and Y13 of:

  • = 540 school days
  • = 108 school weeks missed
  • = 3 full school years missed

This example clearly demonstrates a huge difference in the experiences of student A and B.

Whilst it is fantastic that we have a huge number of real-life Student A at BISL, we do also have some cases like Student B.

The children in our community need us all to focus clearly on making every BISL student, a Student A. Thank you in advance.

BISL Xmas Fayre

Thursday 15th December 2022

The PTA and school are delighted to announce that the BISL Xmas Fayre this year will be held on Thursday 15th December at school between 2pm and 4pm. Everyone is invited, definitely including Father Christmas himself!

The Fayre will include a festive stall organised by class or year group in the school. These stalls are being designed and created by our students and are likely to include baked goods, arts and crafts, games, competitions and other activities. Fun for everyone!

In addition, we hope to have some school singers and the PTA are running a food and drinks stall along with the BISL Grand Prize Draw. Exciting times so do make a note of the date and time in your diaries.

Positive Parenting Workshop

Wednesday 30th November

I am delighted to announce we will be holding our next parent workshop on Wednesday 30th November at 8.15am in the new building assembly room. The session is planned for approximately 45 minutes.

The topic will be ‘Positive Parenting’, in which we will provide some ideas and suggested approaches for parents who are looking for some assistance and support understanding and managing their children – without going crazy in the process! Please come along to listen, discuss and share.

In addition, after the workshop we will have some staff available to help parents with their Parent Portal and Parent Teacher Meeting logins and

registrations. If you are stuck with those as well, do come and see us.

Have a safe and warm, relaxing family weekend.

All best wishes,

Matthew Cox

School Principal