Dear Parents and Families,

I write to express my gratitude for the warm and wonderful welcome extended to me and all the new members of our BISL community this first week of school.

I know and appreciate that all new students, families, and staff have been treated with the utmost kindness and care. This has not only made the start of the school year, and our first experiences of BISL happy and comforting ones, but it has also informed us ‘newbies’ of the thoughtful and caring nature of the community we have chosen to join. Thank you again.

My reflections on witnessing the school in action have also given me great confidence for the future. Having spent a week of professional development with our academic staff, and now another week with the students as well, I am pleased to report that the relationships, attitudes and motivations of all seem well-developed, respectful and effective. I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to spend time in EY, Primary and Secondary classrooms, and in every subject. Right from the start of school last Monday, the teaching and learning environment has been both purposeful and engaging. Alongside our Heads of School and members of the community we will continue to work hard to maintain and build on this good start.

I am particularly pleased that we are now able to tap into the potential for learning that the new building provides, with 6th Form Centre and classes, some KS4 classes and the lovely assembly hall all now being occupied alongside the Library, Admissions Meeting rooms, Computing and Performing Arts classrooms. This really is a very positive development for the school.

Of course, there are also already some areas of development and improvement that have caught my attention. Whilst it is good for the growth and development of the school in many ways that we have a pleasing late increase in student enrolment over the summer break, this has of course presented us with challenges in terms of class and room sizes. We are actively working to resolve those issues through both recruitment and use of the new building, and I will keep the BISL community informed of all developments as soon as we are able.

Another indicator, in my view, of a healthy and confident school, is its insistence on the richness of experiences and opportunities for the students, young and old. Therefore, I am delighted that in the coming weeks our Secondary School will be embarking on the first of its Adventure trips starting with Y7 & Y8 in two weeks’ time.

I wish you all a pleasant end to our first week of the school year.

Best wishes,

Matthew Cox
School Principal