As part of their IGCSE English studies, we often ask students to reflect on what they have read through book reviews, based on their own experience of reading a book of their choice, not just required texts.

Call Me By Your Name is a book by Andre Aciman. A story about a romantic relationship involving a seventeen-year-old boy, (Elio), and a twenty-four-year-old graduate, (Oliver). The two meets during summer when Oliver is invited to stay in their house to study archaeology with Elio’s father. Oliver has come to help - he has a job to do - but Elio can’t go long without speaking to him. The connection they build between each other grows stronger as days, weeks pass. It comes to their realization that what they have created, cannot simply be dismissed. Oliver is a big attraction in the small city but, they both push away everyone that tries to flirt with them and decide to give their relationship a chance.

Most people think Call Me By Your Name is a book about only the love story of two teenagers but, I think it reflects other people’s lives too. Nevertheless, it is still a very emotional book and it tends to hit hard for many teens. This is because the love story presented is not usual. The whole book is rather unusual. It makes the reader think because it is very subtle. For some, it might be too subtle and boring, that’s why it’s not for all. Call Me By Your Name could also be described as a calm book. It is not very long yet many things happen, and it seems as if nothing is happening at the same time. Only a few characters are presented, so some might say that too little goes on.

The setting, on the other hand, is presented and described very well. Beautiful countryside in the southern part of Italy. Many people have the wish to live Elio’s life. They feel like they want to be a part of the book. It’s deep and very easy to get attached to.

I personally adore Call Me By Your Name because it is well written. The text is brilliant since other romance novels are nothing like it. The way the character’s love story unravelled is quite unexpected. The ending is sad, and it makes you feel connected to the book. I wanted to be a part of the story. The setting is well described, and it is meant to be happening a while back, so the whole story has a vintage feel. The book itself was very calming and dreamy.

Call Me By Your Name was released in 2007. Ten years after, a movie was filmed and released, starring two famous actors. Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer. They portray the relationship very accurately and make the film so unbelievably beautiful, however, the film is different from the movie because it goes into less detail and is cut off earlier.

The book has a PG of 16+. It tends to be a little graphic, therefore I think it is a good perception. I would recommend it to any teenager who wants to experience this beautiful story and be taken away, into the magical world of Italy.

Enja, Year 10

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