Dear Parents,

We are very grateful for all of the feedback, useful ideas and points that have been shared over the past few weeks. This has helped create a comprehensive list of FAQs that can guide everyone as we begin our staggered start on Monday 18th May. The article with full reopening guidance is here, it has been updated and includes the following:

  • Specific instructions for Teachers, Students and Parents.
  • Information that will be shared with students when they return to school.
  • Examples of the signage around the school.
  • Plans for masks, hygiene, lessons, meetings etc.
  • A copy and link to the Parent declaration letter to be completed and returned.

Safety is our number one priority.

You can see the thought, planning and preparation that we have included by the detail in this guidance page. It will continually be updated as we review and assess our procedures and follow guidance over the coming week. It gives considerable information although we know that patience and flexibility will be needed by everyone as we return to safely using the school site. Thank you to everyone for your time, input and help in putting this together, it has been a very important task and I really appreciate this as we all work together towards our first day back on Monday.

I assure all members of our community that on Monday, I will be steadfast in my commitment to making sure that all students have a clean, safe and welcoming environment to work in. Our team of staff have worked beyond expectations to make all appropriate arrangements for Monday, planning through the block break and have been wonderful in their dedication to do their very best.

Please read our BISL Reopening Procedure Guidance article carefully. This provides you with all the information for next week.

Finally, I thank all parents for your support during this very difficult time and look forward to seeing you again at school. I am very proud of the entire community in how this unprecedented challenge has been handled during a very tough and testing time for us all.

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Stay safe and take care.

Kind regards,

Paul Walton