Dear reader,

As we have finished Block 4, we have enjoyed a wonderful start to the calendar year, the progress and successes of our students have been clear to see.

During this academic year we have just finished our third appreciation day (for Parents), alongside the other two for Teachers and Students. We value the work and support from everyone as a collective and feel it is extremely significant to recognise the roles each play by organising special days of appreciation. These breakfasts, mornings or days play the purpose of stopping, thinking and being grateful for each of the groups that are so very important to our school.

In the last week of the block, we paused and made sure that we highlighted our thanks and appreciation to parents by hosting a simple breakfast at the start of day. During this event, the children thanked parents by writing cards with heartfelt messages mentioning stories of support, love and encouragement that they receive constantly at home.

I strongly believe in the appreciation days as during this journey, we all need to feel a part of a group, community or family when we have the good and bad days. These opportunities sometimes give us a little bit of time to see past the day to day and look to the more important things in life.

In January we held our Student appreciation day, this included personalised comments from teachers for every student to read. These were printed out and displayed in the school for the students to walk around and enjoy. The messages included encouragement, how special they were and thanking them for their contribution to the school each day. I believe this really benefits the students by both inspiring them to make incredible progress at school and making the feel valued as individuals.

I was thrilled with the performance of the students in the regional round of World Scholar’s Cup with all our students doing the school proud. Everyone performed extremely well, worked very hard with one another and as we saw, came home with an extensive number of medals, trophies and awards. Thank you to everyone involved, the students, the staff who organised the event and the parents who have supported them throughout this competition. We look forward to seeing more school events, inspiring our younger students and collaborating with other schools to develop their skills further. Overall, an excellent experience and some outstanding achievements.

Our Parent Survey results were shared with those who attended the Monthly Coffee morning and the analysis was also emailed out to all parents. The Headlines of the Survey are included on the website with an action plan of areas to work on for the rest of the year. Thank you to all parents who completed the survey, your contribution and feedback is very important to us.

During this block break we have had a deep clean of the windows, ledges, all glass surfaces both inside and outside of the school. The building feels a lot cleaner and fresher for when the students return. We have had 2 large wooden spools delivered in the Woodland area to sand, paint and prepare for the students to enjoy in the summer. The next stage will be to organise another clean of the surface of roots and small debris to make sure that the Woodland area is as safe as possible before we plant the grass after Easter. The outside of the Woodland area will include gardens, areas and spaces for students to grow plants, sit, showcase ideas, relax and enjoy.

Finally, thank you to all parents for the role you have played in the drop off and pick up procedures. I have been down looking at the safety of our students and its improved considerably over the term with your continued help and support. Now we have a safe routine in place, we can look at other opportunities to enable parents to park in the public car park when visiting school for a prolonged period. This allows parents to come into school during events and stay longer. This system has worked well and still needs one or two improvements from the school, but we are very happy in the direction we are heading in.

Hope you have a great Block 5.

Kind regards, Paul Walton