Kalender Slagkrooie Imre te Velde

Imre te Velde

Primary Teacher

Ms te Velde is a passionate and enthusiastic educator who completed her double bachelor's degree in International Teacher Education and Dutch Teacher Education in her native country, the Netherlands.

During her time at university, she gained valuable experience by completing internships at schools in different parts of the world, including Spain, India, and Malaysia. This experience allowed her to gain insight into various international and national curricula, enabling her to become a versatile and adaptable teacher.

This academic year, Ms te Velde will be teaching Year 2 at BISL, where she will apply her knowledge and skills in creating an engaging and stimulating learning environment for her students. She is excited to join the team at BISL and continue her professional development by pursuing a Master's in International Teacher Education.

Outside the classroom, Ms te Velde has a wide range of interests, including reading, cooking, and travelling. She is also an active sports enthusiast and enjoys cycling, ice skating, yoga, and long walks. Ms te Velde's passion for education is matched only by her love for adventure and exploration. Her positive attitude and eagerness to learn make her a valuable addition to the BISL community.