Ana Pirnat

Ana Pirnat

Primary Teacher

Ms Pirnat is a highly motivated and dedicated educator who was born and raised in Slovenia. From a young age, she developed a passion for travel, culture, and language learning, which has influenced her career path in education.

She obtained her primary school education degree from the University of Ljubljana, which included studying outdoor education in Norway, giving her a unique perspective on education and learning. Ms Pirnat's passion for exploring different cultures led her to live in Spain while studying at Loyola University. This experience allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of the Spanish language and culture, which she now incorporates into her teaching.

Ms Pirnat is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Primary education in English to further enhance her teaching skills and knowledge.

In her free time, Ms Pirnat enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures. She also enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog, hiking, and exploring the beautiful Slovenian countryside. Her love for nature and adventure is reflected in her teaching style, where she uses outdoor learning as a way to engage and inspire her students. Ms Pirnat's passion for education and her commitment to creating a positive and stimulating learning environment makes her an ideal fit for BISL. Her ability to connect with students and create meaningful learning experiences makes her an asset to the school community. She is excited to share her love of learning and exploration with her students and is looking forward to a fulfilling career in education.