Katherine Blundell

Katherine Blundell

Primary Teacher

After gaining a BA(Hons) at Wrexham, Ms Blundell worked in a Pre-School in the UK, initially leading arts and crafts activities. During this time, she also trained as a TEFL teacher.

Leaving the UK, Ms Blundell traveled and worked in Europe before arriving in Slovenia in 2012, where she became actively involved in a number of social-care arts projects with disabled adults and children charities around Ljubljana, as well as teaching in Language schools. She spent a year working in a Slovenian Primary school, offering cross-curricular lessons with English, before joining BISL back in 2014.

Ms Blundell has successfully completed her iPGCE recently, an internationally recognised course with The University of Derby which offers a global perspective of education and challenge, and has dedicated some of her study towards inclusion and understanding learning differences.

In her spare time, Ms Blundell enjoys cycling, road trips abroad, cooking, creating artwork and gardening.