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School lunch is served every day, offering a healthy selection of meals, including a vegetarian choice each day. Parents are sent the menu for the following month by the 23rdof each month, as pre-ordering is required.

During break times, children can have a healthy snack, which they bring from home. For the safety of our students, we have a strict 'no nuts' policy at school.

Suitable snacks for morning break include: sandwiches, cubes of cheese, fruit, cereal bars, savourybiscuits, small pieces of cooked meat, chopped carrots/cucumber/cherry tomatoes, small plain cake, small tubs of yogurt (in cooler weather), juice or water.

Please do not allow your children to bring the following: sweets (candy) or chocolate; nuts (because of allergies of other students); food that needs to be reheated or refrigerated; canned or bottled drinks (for safety reasons); sugary or energy drinks.

School Life Lunch And Breaks