Welcome to my page! I am Jurgen Knechten from Uden in the Netherlands, and I would love to share a bit about my journey as a teacher. It all began with my role as a badminton coach, where I experienced the joy of children improving in the sport under my guidance. This experience ignited my passion for teaching, leading me to pursue a career in education. I embarked on a path to become a teaching assistant for Dutch primary schools, with the aspiration of having my very own class one day.

Eventually, I discovered ITEps, a program that allowed me to become an international teacher while exploring the world. Now, let's delve into what makes my workplace, BISL, so unique. BISL is exceptional because it offers a flexible approach to learning, fostering a welcoming environment that feels like home, thanks to our fantastic colleagues and incredible students. A typical day at BISL is a vibrant mix of activities and learning experiences, with each day bringing something new and exciting. The best part of my day is witnessing the excitement and anticipation in students as they embark on various learning opportunities. The essence of our school lies in embracing international education, which exposes students to diverse cultures worldwide, helping them become global citizens. Join me on this educational adventure at BISL, where every day promises new discoveries and endless possibilities for growth.