Monday morning started with a celebration of the success our Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 students achieved in their Cambridge external examinations, which took place in June 2022 and also the UKMT Senior Mathematics competition. Students were then asked to question themselves regarding their path to success.

Mr Batson presented students with a timeline from now until their graduation and entrance into university, introducing the ideas of target grades and the methods by which those grades could be achieved. Students were briefly shown the work of Nate Kornell PHD, a psychologist who through his extensive research has indicated that if you want to successfully commit knowledge to long-term memory, to truly remember and understand the content taught in class, it is best to space out learning rather than cram.

Students were also shown the VESPA model for success and how this model can be used to improve student attainment.

You can see the presentation by clicking the following link.