To wrap up the 2021-22 school year, our Secondary students engaged in an End of Year Maths Project, where they became teachers for one day.

They needed to learn a new topic, organise information in a coherent manner, and teach it to their classmates with full artistic freedom regarding the lesson activities.

The students were divided into groups and had a week to work on this project. Following the required lesson structure, they designed clear and accurate PowerPoint presentations and intriguing activities. The students’ favourite activities were Jeopardy, Escape room, a self-made computer game, a clever survey activity, and working on the whiteboards.

The students truly demonstrated amazing organisation skills, equal contribution to the teaching time within groups and excellent topical knowledge. They also provided enough time for their peers to make clear and relevant notes on the topic, as well as summarising the learning on strategy posters.

Overall, we saw amazing, creative, and detailed lessons that were no short of outstanding.

Ms Maja ZupancMathematics Teacher

Escape room

Secondary students also engaged in an activity called Escape room - where the objective was to work as a team, find and connect relevant clues, solve the mystery and escape.

It involved the use of bearings, reading maps, assembling jigsaw puzzles, and solving simple maths challenges.

Excellent teamwork was displayed, as all classes successfully solved the mystery in the given time frame. Well done!

Ms Maja ZupancMathematics Teacher