Dear Parents and Families,

It has been a very positive week back for the start of our Block 3. Despite the chilliness on Monday – all heating in the school buildings has now been set at 23 degrees to ensure a comfortable working temperature for students and staff – our students of all ages have returned refreshed and eager to return to their learning. That enthusiasm for their school environment and motivation to learn is an essential part of what makes our school special. One of the many privileges I have as BISL School Principal, is to observe the students from my office which is located at a key ‘crossroads’. I am fortunate to get to meet many of our young people as they move around the buildings, and to witness the joy, fun and laughter they share. There can be no doubt that for the vast majority of BISL students every school day is a happy one

Grinning face outline outline

As mentioned previously, at the start of the Block Break last week, all our staff were engaged in important training and professional development, with the goal of making us a better school and better educators. We spent time collaborating on the school’s draft School Development Plan. That was extremely helpful, and we will share further news on our development plans in due course.

BISL Staff training
Collaborating on the draft of School's Development Plan

In addition, the teaching staff were expertly led by our Head of Secondary and others through some of the latest and clearest thinking on how to deliver meaningful feedback back most effectively to our students. We fully explored the amazing approaches to immediate, thought-provoking, action-inducing feedback provided to students ‘in the moment’, ‘as their lesson and learning proceeds’. Obviously, we very much hope that the results of our training and the following practice by our teachers will lead to faster progress, greater challenge, more interaction, more fun, and deeper thinking amongst our learners.

BISL Staff training
Important training and professional development, with the goal of making us a better school and better educators.

Our first reports for this school year will be published to our Y11 & Y13 students and their families next week. These reports mark a development for BISL since this will be the first time that the reports are published via our Parent Portal. We hope that everything goes well but if not, please do not hesitate to contact your son or daughter’s form tutor for assistance. They will pass on your issue to the relevant person.

In the two weeks after that, the rest of the Secondary School year groups will receive their reports. On Wednesday 30th it will be the turn of Y7, Y10 & Y12, and on Wednesday 7th December it will be the turn of Y8 & Y9. These reports will be issued to families in time for you to prepare your questions for the Secondary Parent-Teacher meetings which take place from Monday 5th December onwards.

Finally, in the week commencing 12th December the EY and Primary children will receive their school reports, with the parent-teacher meetings taking place in early January. Again, this timing should give parents to digest the report information and formulate some questions to ask their child’s class teacher.

Since Christmas is approaching, our support of disadvantaged children via the BISL ‘Make A Wish Xmas Project’, which provides a Xmas gift for children in need, starts properly next Monday. Parents and children will be provided with full details, and I strongly encourage you all to support this excellent initiative.

Class and Form tutors will be discussing the 160 Xmas gifts we have committed to provide by 7th December, with their students and parents will receive the information both via their children and electronically. Exciting indeed, and a great activity for our community to be engaged in.

Have a safe and warm, relaxing family weekend.

All best wishes,

Matthew Cox

School Principal