Dear Parents and Families,

Given the effort reward and energy that the school community developed during yesterday’s thoroughly enjoyable Halloween Dress Up Day, I feel compelled to write how that event helped me to understand the strength of this school’s climate and culture. Across the community, PTA, students and staff all supported the event so that it took on a happy, positive life of its own – it is always warming to be in school when 3 year olds right through to 18 year olds and beyond are committed to make things fun and effective, determinedly ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy a special occasion. Well done BISL for the positivity and willing involvement is a good sign of a very healthy school.

School Attendance

As an entire school for this academic year, we are currently achieving an average student attendance rate of 93%. This again is a healthy number indeed. Most good schools aim for their individuals, classes and year groups to achieve an attendance rate of 95% or more. In education this number is generally used as a premium benchmark, and for good reason. Educational research regularly links a student’s school, college and future success to a few, vital factors and school attendance rates are undoubtedly one of those deemed the most important. For example, if a student were to have an attendance rate of just 80% (4 days out of 5 eachweek) over their entire 15-year school career, they would have received 3 years less schooling overall, than a child who had attended for 100% of the time.

Clearly therefore, it is always important for schools to monitor attendance data carefully and ensure that being at school is valued by all. I think it was Einstein who is quoted as saying ‘The very best people are those who turn up!’. In view of that, please do be mindful of school absence and do please apply for planned absences using the necessary school forms. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Polish Film Festival

Please see below for details of this film festival currently being held in Ljubljana and supported by the Polish Embassy. Films look to me as if they are for adults, rather than children!

Polish Film Days
28. October 2022 - 30 October 2022

From Jerzy Kawalerowicz's Night Train (1959), a masterpiece by one of the most famous directors of the so-called "Polish film school", to a range of genre- and genre-diverse titles by renowned contemporary Polish filmmakers.

Best wishes and have a lovely weekend and public holiday. We look forward to seeing all the students next Wednesday 2nd November.

Matthew Cox


School Principal