Noam Chomsky once said:

A language is not just words. It's a culture, a tradition, a unification of a community, a whole history that creates what a community is. It's all embodied in a language.

Through language we connect with people, not just through what we say but in the way we understand and relate to one another. Communication is about more than just the spoken and written word - it is about appreciating other cultures. At BISL, we believe that languages and celebrations of other cultures make us truly special.

Reading and reciting poetry in our own mother tongue

We started the Languages block with students reading to their peers using their mother tongue. Students brought books or poems to show and read to their classmates. It was great to see how students light up when they have an opportunity to present and read in their mother tongue. They presented their language proudly and others listened with interest, getting a flavour of the diversity of languages represented here at BISL.

Displays of student work

Students worked tirelessly throughout the block. Early Years made flags which represent their country and tried to teach each other to count to 5 in their own language.

In Primary, students made “French fries” representing their countries and words in their mother tongues. After that they also made the sweetest display in school - ice creams which show what is important when learning a language - reading and writing being just some of them.

Are you hungry for some knowledge?

In Secondary our students explored where languages can take us and why they are important. They also explored different languages around the world and made a map with continents and the languages used. It was great to see how they tried to use and pronounce various languages from around the globe.

Our favourite Slovene word

Do you have your favourite word? No? Well, it is time to choose one. Not surprisingly, BISL students already have one - okay, not one but a few! Most votes came in for: Čudovito!

Where am I? - the travel treasure hunt

During the block we also had a photo competition in the form of a travel treasure hunt. We asked our teachers to provide photos of themselves in different destinations around the world. Students needed to work out where each staff member is and write down the official language of that country. There was a winner from each class, who each got something sweet to share with their classmates. 

Guess the language

We wanted to highlight the importance of languages during Form time as well, and have some fun with it too. Every morning our students listened to a song in a foreign language and tried to guess the language or guess the meaning of the lyrics. A great way to kickstart our day!

Language competition

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a translator? Our Primary and Secondary students had the opportunity to become one for a while this block! Their task was to translate text from English to Slovene. Students showcased their knowledge and a wide vocabulary, and it was great to see how well they gave each other feedback on their translations.

Chocolate Milk activity

Our Key Stage 3 students enjoyed the Chocolate milk activity, where Slovene Foundation and Advanced groups merged for a lesson and advanced students became the teachers. They prepared and played out a scene of their own choice. Students showed great collaborative skills, and all really enjoyed the hard work they put into preparing their performance.

Here, there, everywhere

During French lessons, our students also talked about food from different countries, wrote their CV creations in French and did some research about the customs we have in Europe and elsewhere around the world.

Cultural Day

We conclude the Languages block now with Prešeren’s Day, celebrated on the 8th of February. On the last day of the block, we started the day with an assembly dedicated to Prešeren. Two of our students from Secondary school recited his poem, Glosa, and later we also looked at how Slovene rapper Terkaj put a modern rhythmic twist to it.

During the break students, were able to treat themselves to traditional Slovene potica and French croissants too!

It is so important to value and celebrate the linguistic diversity of our school community and it has been amazing to see the myriad of language skills our students have. Thank you to all students, parents and teachers who got involved. It was a great one!

Mrs KotnikHead of MFL

We now look forward to celebrating English block as we return from the break.