Just like the A-Level external examinations, there has been a two year pause when teacher assessed grades have been used in place of externally-marked examination grades. However, this year our Year 11 students have been able to sit external examinations once again. According to Cambridge Assessment International Education, more than 460,000 students in 147 countries collectively took over 1.4 million examinations across the May/June 2022 exam series. Marks and awarded grades were determined using standardised methods, comparing student marks worldwide.

You may have seen that the UK average for A*/A grades at A-Level was 36.4% in comparison to our superior 44%, so when we received the IGCSE results, we were expecting similar success. Therefore, it was wonderful to see an overall pass rate of 97%, with 46% of the grades awarded to our candidates being A* or A grades.

Considering the interruption to our students' learning caused by Covid restrictions during almost the whole of their IGCSE course, the grades they have received are a great testament to our students’ hard work and determination, and to our teachers ability to deliver the content of their syllabi whether in class at school or online through Zoom lessons.

IGCSE Result Highlight

  • 97% overall pass rate
  • 46% A*/A grades
  • 100% A* - C in Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, First Language English, Global Perspectives, Geography, History, Literature in English and Mathematics

Congratulations to all our IGCSE candidates. You have worked diligently and consistently throughout your two-year course, overcoming obstacles and uncertainties. Taking such wonderful grades to your next level of study should give you confidence and fill you with a sense of accomplishment and resilience that has become a critical component of academic success in recent years.

Congratulations also to our teachers for delivering well-planned lessons, for challenging students to succeed above and beyond their expectations, and for giving our IGCSE students a solid stepping stone to the next level of study.

Examinations OfficerJason Batson

Congratulations to: 

  • Lara - 10 A* grades
  • Julia - 9 A* grades, 1 A grade
  • Kevin - 6 A* grades, 3 A grades
  • Nastja, Eva and Nika, who all joined us in Year 11, passed all their examinations with a total of 3 A* grades, 5 A grades, 12 B grades and 7 C grades – a particularly impressive achievement considering they had only 8 months preparation for the two-year course examinations in 9 subjects.

At BISL, we will always be proud of our students for the work, commitment and thought they put into their work. Our hard-working teachers, as 'keepers of dreams', never fail to deliver for the young people in our school. You have all achieved something special.

PrincipalMatthew Cox

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) IGCSEs and A-Levels are regarded as the gold standard of quality, respected by universities and employers worldwide. These excellent results have set our students on a clear path to success in their future endeavours, and will allow them to gain entry into the university of their choice, including some of the world's top universities.

At BISL, we pride ourselves on driving academic excellence, this is indeed one of the reasons parents choose our school. The successes of this summer have yet again set high expectations for our incoming cohorts and we look forward to inspiring, challenging and supporting our next group of examination students throughout their studies.

A fantastic start to the 2022-23 academic year!