As part of Science block, we had the pleasure of welcoming some 'Magical Beasts' to our school.

Students across the whole school had the chance to meet a variety of amazing exotic animals - including a bearded dragon, chinchilla, golden hamster, leopard gecko, tarantula, south American bird eater tarantula, turtle, tortoise, rabbit, tenrec, royal python, corn snake, stick insect, giant cockroach and degu! 

Each of the animals were unique in their own ways. It was EPIC!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nika and Luc from Magical Beasts Bled for all of the interesting facts they shared with us.

It was great to see the children overcome their fears and be so excited to have the opportunity to meet and actually handle animals they usually wouldn't have the chance to touch. 

I learned that corn snakes need around 30 degrees celsius in order to survive in their habitat. Luc also told us that the biggest snake they own is bigger than an anaconda but not as wide as one!


Did you know, for example, that spiders hear with their legs or that a python has more than a hundred teeth?

Our students also learned how to handle these animals and how to take proper care of them. 

The bunny rabbit was so so fluffy!


Everyone had a lot of fun and we hope that these memories stay with them forever!

Click on the link below to see our gallery of over 60 amazing photos from our encounter with these Magical Beasts!