Following on from the success of their recent "How Physically Active Are You" article, Kevin and Julia from Year 10 bring us another fun article as part of a Global Perspectives project they've been working on:

The importance of physical activity presented in an entertaining way

Kevin and I have challenged ourselves to spread our message of staying physically active to as many students as possible, and instead of a long article, we have created a fun video filled with plenty of important information on the topic, encouraging students to step away from their screens and get moving!

As Health and Wellbeing is our current topic in focus in this Block's PE, we would like to remind students of the various activities and challenges that have been put together by the PE department, which you may have seen through the weekly newsletters and social media. These include:

  • Keep up with the teacher/students challenges
  • Other weekly challenges
  • Deskercise
  • Weekly healthy recipies

Not only are these activities fun, but they will keep you active and healthy, which is key to a quality lifestyle.

To understand more about physical activity, its importance, and how to increase your level of activity, watch our fun video below.

Julia & Kevin, Year 10