Our students have thoroughly enjoyed using our LEGO Robots in the past few weeks to develop their problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills.

In our new Technology Suite, we have a full class set of LEGO Spike Prime robots with the extra expansion sets for students to further stretch and challenge their thinking. The Technology Suite is one specialist area alongside the Performance Theatre (Music and Drama) and the Learning Hub (Library and Literacy) that our students benefit from with our new building development.

Using the LEGO Robots helps the students to further develop their computation skills and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning. STEAM-based learning gives students tools and methods to explore new and creative ways of problem-solving, displaying data, innovating, and linking multiple fields, effectively teaching them how to think outside the box. With the LEGO Spike Primes, they learn about coding, sensors, motors and over 600 different elements in the kits to assemble, edit and change to suit. Our robots have a free app for the students to use to control their creations, access a range of online tasks and competitions, as well as a full curriculum mapped out to explore.

As a Computer Science teacher at heart, I have seen over the years the positive impact of students having the opportunity to problem-solve, collaborate and develop their ideas together. I am very proud that our students have the chance to enjoy learning STEAM projects, developing essential 21st century skills in a fun and exciting environment. It's a great step forward for the school and helps to create wonderful activities for the students!
Paul Walton, Principal

The robots are currently used in the Robotics club, Primary Numeracy lessons and Secondary Computer Science lessons. Every class in the school has an opportunity to use the technology suite in our new building.

At BISL, we have a dedicated Computer Science teacher, Ms Burtrand, who leads the Computer Science curriculum in the Secondary School.

All students will have access to developing their computational thinking skills and the chance to build, code and explore. This is an inclusive, intuitive and highly adaptable hands-on learning approach that our students can access. We now aim to work with other schools to enter and host competitions for the students who are very interested in taking this further. Students across the school have programming competitions this term and if you are interested in finding out more about entering, please contact Ms Burtrand.

The Secondary students have been very excited to use the LEGO Robot sets, carefully putting together different types of robots for various purposes. A Hopper Robot, just one example! A wonderful experience where students are able to exercise their problem-solving and critical thinking skills and can see the results of their hard work.
Stephanie Andronikos, Head of Secondary

Critical thinking skills we have introduced so far:

  • analysis,
  • interpretation,
  • inference,
  • explanation,
  • self-regulation,
  • open-mindedness,
  • problem-solving.

This hands-on approach with robotics helps our students to learn by trial and error, develop iterations of ideas and challenge assumptions by asking better questions.

More updates will follow about our use of our new specialist areas:

  • Technology Suite (Robotics/Problem-solving/Programming)
  • Performance Theatre (Music and Drama)
  • Learning Hub (Library/literacy)

We are very excited about what our students will learn next!