Did you know, that with the water that is used to make a single pair of jeans, a person could drink for 10 years? How about that the fashion industry produces a larger carbon footprint than all international flights and cargo ships combined?

Consequently, it is not surprising that the textile industry is the second largest pollutant in the world. Our clothes might be cheaper than ever before, allowing us to be up to date with all the latest fashion trends but we should ask ourselves what is the true cost of this?

With a more sustainable future in mind, at the start of April BISL joined MEPI's green initiative to promote environmental and social awareness.

The success of this initiative at BISL was huge! We collected 3 cars full of second-hand clothes, shoes, toys, and jewellery and we would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who got involved by donating unwanted items.

On Friday last week, all the collected items were delivered to Društvo verjamem vate in Domžale. This centre works daily with young people with special educational needs, not only giving used clothes a second chance, but offering employment opportunities for these young people. They promote inclusion and independence by providing work at their own second-hand shop Naša trgovin'ca. If you ever have a chance, do pay them a visit, they are very kind.

It brings us great joy to see how caring and responsive our community has been in coming together for such a worthwhile cause and we look forward to participating in similar projects in the future.