Santa visited our school this week to see our students, giving out presents and wishing everyone Happy Holidays!

He arrived just as the snow started to fall again in Slovenia around 2pm, quickly popping to the reception area and then making his way to the very excited Early Years students. He was greeted by a huge cheer!, then sat down in Miss Gillespie's storytelling chair and gave out gifts to the wonderful Early Years students. He asked the students about their favourite reindeer, who was looking forward to Christmas, and then sang songs with them. Ringing his bell, he said a fond farewell and disappeared along the corridor to visit Ms. Miklavec's Year 1s next.

The Year 1 students were very excited and as Santa arrived, they all gathered around him. Santa was very impressed with the 'countdown to Christmas' on the wall and was very happy to know that the students could say exactly how many days were left until Christmas Day! He then magically made his way to Year 2 and 3, then up to visit students in the Middle School area. This year, Santa nominated Year 6 as the loudest cheering class, as they made him so happy with their energy, greeting and roar of Merry Christmas! Well done to Mr. Bishop and his class for setting a new Christmas noise record.

In the Secondary school, the students were working very hard in the Sixth Form area on their ho-ho-homework, Santa commenting on how well the students are using their independent study time during this festive period, oranges were presented in recognition of this and then he made his way down the corridor to greet the rest of the students. The Secondary students were very excited, wished Santa a Merry Christmas and waved as he departed the area and moved back down through the school to walk around and hand out even more presents to students and staff.

Santa commented on how wonderful and 'christmassy' the school looked, as well as the wonderful festive attire worn by students and staff. He said the Christmas tree in reception looked brilliant, thanked everyone for their kindness in donating presents to the Make a Wish Holiday project, and most of all, commented on how welcome he had been made to feel in school.

And just like that, he vanished out the front door of the school with the sound of bells fading into the distance...

We look forward to the annual visit from Santa here at school as all of our students, parents and teachers have been very good this year! He had a great time and looks forward to giving out more presents soon!"
Paul Walton, Principal

Our staff and students have also joined in the Christmas fun, wearing some amazing Christmas jumpers, costumes and colours for Dress Down Day. Thank you to everyone for getting involved, it made the school feel magical and was a perfect start to the coming weeks as we build up to the holidays.

Everyone loved dressing down in the Christmas theme and you could really feel the festive spirit around the building. Staff and students were so joyful in and out of classes. These events are so important to bring the community together."
Stephanie Andronikos, Head of Secondary

Everyone looked fantastic and this added a real atmosphere to the building along with the enormous amount of fabulous decorations our parents have kindly put up around the school. What a wonderful week!

What a wonderful treat it has been to visit such an amazing school, with such kind, caring and thoughtful teachers and the nicest, most enthusiastic children you could wish to meet. Thank you to everyone for making my annual visit such an enjoyable experience once again. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone!"
Santa Claus on his visit to BISL