“Are these pants the right kind of grey” “Are these socks high enough?” “What about these shoes?”

These are all examples of questions that our staff have had to field on a regular basis. We can understand the confusion that students and families have, with so many ‘grey’ areas when it comes to the uniform. It is because of this, that we have worked extremely hard this year to source out a new supplier who can supply a quality uniform for a reasonable price and most importantly a fast turnaround.

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ISU provide quality schoolwear and sportswear at affordable prices in a variety of supply options, designed to ensure they meet the needs of parents and schools around the world, supported by a total commitment to service and quality.

Another benefit is delivery straight to your door without orders coming to the school first. In addition, the variety of products on offer to families have increased and so too have the options within these products. Skirt and trouser lengths have several variations so that they can be better suited to the individual student. Socks are now available and in only one kind (black) so that there is no longer any confusion around sock height and colour (particularly for Secondary students). We are finally able to provide every item of clothing needed for the uniform via our uniform shop. It is so exciting to announce that for the first time ever, families can look no further and purchase all items via the shop.

From the start of the 2020-21 academic year, it is therefore compulsory for students to wear BISL uniform items ONLY to school. These items include sports shirts and sports shorts for PE activities. This new uniform shop is your one-stop-shop for all items needed for the uniform for the new year.

Wearing non-BISL items is no longer permitted from August 2020, with shoes being the only exception. To continue to provide clarity to families in the Secondary school, we have also released our Secondary guidance on school shoes and some suggested stockists so that families are clear on what the expectation is for shoes from August 2020 also. Please refer to this guidance and consider it carefully. There is a clear emphasis on an increased level of formality.

Our general uniform expectations are available for you to know the correct items to purchase. Additionally, through the uniform shop, you will notice that there are now extra items available such as BISL sports bags, jumpers, caps and water bottles! Please have a browse of the site today, to see all the options available.

Happy shopping!


The exciting changes in the uniform from August 2020:

  • Compulsory BISL Uniform from August 2020 - all students
  • So many more products on offer!
  • Fast delivery, straight to your door
  • BISL only clothing: formal uniform
  • BISL only clothing: sports uniform - sweat wicking and dry fit
  • Black socks only (Secondary) - available for purchase with the uniform items
  • Black tights only (Secondary)
  • Increased formality with the footwear for Secondary - please see guidance
  • A BISL PE uniform - for the first time ever!
  • BISL house shirt for house events (houses will be confirmed in August 2020**)
  • No need to buy other expensive items anywhere else
  • No need to go from shop to shop to buy items
  • A one-stop uniform shop for you!

**PLEASE NOTE: Houses will be reallocated in the first week back to school. Please hold off from purchasing your child’s house shirt colour for now.

Lastly, to be clear, if students already own formal BISL items from our previous supplier, these are still current and valid. The uniform hasn't changed, but more items have been added to provide further comfort for students. Only non-BISL apparel requires replacement from August 2020 onward.