In celebration of our Creative Arts Block, these last 5 weeks for Year 9 has focused on poetry, both analysis of a variety of works and creating their own.

Poetry is not just meant to be written but be performed and is often considered an expressive art. Poetry is to express the poet’s own emotions, as well as provoking emotions in the audience. Following our guest poet visit last week, when Mr Parry came and delivered a small workshop on poetry, we gave the challenge to some of our Year 9 students to create a poem to express their emotions about life in lockdown.

Poetry writing can be challenging and take years to develop. We already have some budding poets in Year 9. Here are some of the poems our students produced, all of them wished to remain anonymous, and encourage you to develop your own interpretation of their poems. Your interpretation is as good as anyone else’s.

Salty Rocks

The Inferior Days -

Boring days...

Now that you’ve read some of our students' poems, we hope you understood their emotions and lockdown experience. Everyone’s experience is different, and poetry is a beautiful form of expression, where you can disregard the traditional grammar rules.