Dear Parents,

Block 7 has indeed been unlike any other; returning from being in quarantine after taking an early break meant a lot of rearranging of the timetable and the introduction of many measures to ensure that all students stayed safe. Staff and students needed to be vigilant with masks and sanitising, having their movement around the building limited and the facility of Ludus for sport restricted. Despite the many measures in place, everyone was careful and safe to enjoy being back at school for the final block of the year.

Students relished being back in classes, covering off as much work as possible, preparing for final examinations. It was certainly a busy block as KS3 students also completed their annual Progress Tests in Mathematics and English. These were incredibly successful, overall indicating that progress was not hindered in any way by the switch to distance learning; a credit to both staff and students.

There were also events that could safely take place this block, such as transition weeks for the current Year 11 and 12 students, coordinated expertly by Mr Baston, Head of Sixth Form, a transition session for Year 6 and International Day. It was wonderful to be able to host these events safely.

To transition, students in Year 11 and 12 had scheduled classes to discuss expectations from study tips and University Guidance to subject classes including and introduction to the various courses. These weeks were designed to specifically prepare students for A-Level expectations and courses. Year 6 students were taken through the expectations of Secondary school, and how it differs from Primary school. Students were so excited to learn about all the changes and to have their questions answered.

For International Day, students were able to dress down in traditional colours of a country to celebrate the many cultures that are proudly represented at BISL.

Lastly, I am so pleased to announce that a new uniform supplier has been confirmed and a link will be shared with families this month so that the uniform can be ordered. This change has meant that there is a greater range and quality of products for families to choose from, including hoodies, various length of skirts and pants to suit all body shapes. Additionally, the delivery is faster and is delivered straight to your door as opposed to going through the school. Please keep a eye out for the link soon!

Overall, after a year like no other, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank parents and staff for their support. There have been significant improvements across the school, and with some incoming members of enthusiastic staff already recruited for the new year, the momentum is looking to continue. I am excited to continue working with a wonderful, positive, and enthusiastic group of staff next year.

I wish the whole community a happy and healthy summer break and I look forward to seeing everyone back, refreshed for the new year.

Stephanie Andronikos

Head of Secondary