A word from Ms Andronikos

I would like to begin by saying a big THANK YOU to the community for their patience and support during this time of distance learning. Staff have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure that our students have been well supported throughout this time. This was the final week of the Block with a well-deserved upcoming break from the current routine of lessons. Years 11-13 will be welcoming this break the most, with now two rounds of external assessments behind them.

Our Principal, Mr Walton has released another article that links to our ever-evolving reopening procedures. As further guidance is released from the ministry, this guidance will be constantly updated to ensure that families have the very latest information from the school. Please ensure that this is read thoroughly. Aligned with the guidance currently released, the Secondary school will plan for a staggered start, aiming for Years 10-13 to start on Monday 18th. Procedures for the other year levels and further information will be released via the reopening procedures article over the break.

With the current somewhat relaxed measures, I sincerely hope that all families can have an enjoyable break to be ready for Block 7.

I wish all a safe and happy time.

Ms Andronikos

Head of Secondary

Principal’s Update

Please see this week's update from the Principal here, discussing our planned reopening procedures in more detail.

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Mr Walton


News from PE

As this is the final week of this Sports block we will finish it as usual: with an assessment. We will give students 14 days to complete the task and to send us all of the necessary videos. In case students do not have smart watches, we are also sharing a location of an open athletic stadium in Ljubljana where students can do the assessment.

The Assessment includes:

  • Video of 7 different locomotor movements
  • 60-meter sprint
  • Cooper run: 2400 m (boys); 1600 m (girls)

All the assessment instructions on "how to" and links were sent to students via CANVAS (Y7-Y8) or CLASSROOM (Y9-Y11). Good luck to all!

Please see the links to:


The PE Department also shares weekly sportsman certificates, which goes to a student in recognition of their dedication to PE Live Streams, homework and House competition. This week the PE Department is proud to present this award to Jernej in Y9 who showed amazing work and excellent attendance in our morning Live sessions.


The points are being collected from students among all of the Houses. The House competition is one of the easiest ways to collect points for the House you are representing, so help your team, CLICK HERE and do any of the 7 different challenges.


The number of participants at PE Live sessions are increasing so please join in as well, and join others by starting the day with a bit of workout.

For students who missed the Live session CLICK HERE and find all the videos.




Zoom Meeting ID



978 276 7124



978 276 7124


Cardio Workout

376 070 1947


Early Years PE

978 276 7124



376 070 1947

Mr Damjan

Head of PE Department

News from Maths

Last week's answer for the Math question of the week is: 4 photographs.

Thank you for all submitted answers and congratulations to Abdulla (Y7), Nikolas (Y8A), Petr (Y8A), Aleksander Z. (Y8A), Aleksander M. (Y8B), Divyansh (Y8B), Georgi (Y8B), Asia (Y9), Oriol (Y10A), Hamit (Y10A) who guessed correctly and received 5 House points each! Well done!

Maths question of this week is:

Eva, Sandra, Benjamin, Philipp are sitting around a round table for dinner. They do four different sports: ice skating, skiing, hockey and sledging. The person who skies sits to the left of Sandra. The person who ice skates sits opposite Benjamin. Eva and Philipp sit next to each other. A woman sits next to the person who plays hockey. Which sport does Eva do?

Students who solve the question should send their answer to my email by Wednesday after the block break (20th May).

Good luck!

Ms Zupanc

Maths Department

News from English

Year 7 worked on a unit of work about the well-known story of the 1938 radio broadcast of a dramatisation of “The War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles that caused so much widespread panic and confusion in the US on its release.

Year 8A continued their study on creative writing and how they can improve their descriptive writing. We looked at a section from the novel “Private Peaceful” and an extract from the story “The other side of truth.”

Year 8B students worked on some idioms as we studied a unit about the positive uses of the internet and also did some creative writing based on a silent movie from the year 1902!

Year 9 have been working on the ending of “Macbeth”. We've been performing language analysis, exploring character arcs and discussing to what extent the play can be considered a Shakespearean tragedy. This was the first Shakespearean text for many pupils and they performed admirably.

Year 10 explored the symbolism of Maya Angelou’s powerful poem “Caged Bird” and began their analysis of “Little boy crying” by Mervyn Morris.

Mr Eve and Mr Kirwan

News from French

Year 7 students have been excitedly waiting for the weekend to come this week and talked about places they’d like to go to. They focused on listening and made a survey. They also have been practising learned vocabulary through an eventful Kahoot.

Year 8 have been continuing their talents topics. They also focused on more irregular verbs and negatives to give advice.

Year 9 students have been debating about priorities and concerns. For this topic, they especially focus on developing their listening and speaking skills.

Year 10 has been starting a new topic of their IGCSE curriculum. The students focus on ordering food in a restaurant and performing role plays.

Year 11 have been completing their second assessment during which they focused on writing.

Mrs Poulet

French teacher

MFL Department

News from Slovene

What KS3 and Y10 had in common this week was ''umetnostno besedilo'' (artistic writing). They were all working on poems or prose texts.

Year 7 worked on Shel Silverstein: Razmetana soba, Smešna Snežka

Year 8 studied Jaroslav Hašek, Kako sem kuhal jajca v mehko

Year 9 examined John Lennon: Imagine, Gregor Strniša: Zemlja pleše

Year 10 had a Reading comprehension on Dim Zupan, Leteči mački

Ms Kotnik

MFL Coordinator

Burger Challenge

The Burger Challenge started out as a MEPI task, but more are starting to get on board, and Wednesday saw the first response in Canvas on the 'Digital Downtime Activities' course. Congratulations to Kristina in Year 4 for creating the most marvellous of veggie burgers! What with caramelised onions, and a secret sauce, topped-off with salad, Cheddar cheese (Top choice), and grilled buns - When I saw the accompanying photos, I nearly passed-out with excitement! A fantastic job. I wonder who dares follow this class act? (simon.irving@britishschool.si.)

Bur1 Copy

Don’t forget that Mr Irving has now released a burger tutorial, and the video is available in the Google Drive folder named 'Digital Downloads for all!',


Mr Irving

MEPI Co-ordinator