Greetings from the BISL PTA!

This past block has been relatively quite for the PTA. However, we have already started planning for upcoming events and are looking for volunteers!

Pust is right around the corner and the PTA will be selling donuts (krof) after lunch on 25 February. Donuts will be 1 euro each and students are encouraged to bring exact change. Please contact the PTA Committee if you are interested in helping!

Please let the PTA Committee know if you are interested in helping to plan and participate in this year’s International Day event. In the past, this event has featured food, music, clothing and other aspects of culture from all of the nations represented at BISL. This is a landmark event for our school community every year and we need your help to make this year the best one yet!

Also, the PTA is looking for help to plan and celebrate International Book Week with our students. This event is in the very early stages of planning and we are looking for fresh ideas to make this year’s activity memorable for students, staff and parents. Please let us know if you are interested in helping.

Thank you,

Gabrielle Kim

PTA Chair