The support we’ve continued to receive over these past few weeks with a blend of online and on site learning has been overwhelming.

It means so much to our teachers, staff and students to receive these kind words of encouragement and gratitude from parents, be it in person during drop off, or via email during the day.

As a community, we are making the most of these unusual times, with our Secondary School and Year 6 having transitioned to online learning two weeks ago, followed by our Key Stage 2 students earlier this week, while our Early Years and Key Stage 1 students remain on site, so the delightful sound of children continues to fill the corridors. Regardless of their physical location, the learning continues uninterrupted for all.

Across the school, students have continued to follow their normal timetables, with Zoom registrations in the morning and afternoon, and a blend of live lessons on Zoom, supported by a wealth of resources on Canvas, our online learning platform. As such, this transition has been a seamless learning experience for our students.

We are most impressed with the way the principal and staff are handling this difficult time. Well done everyone.

Paul & Anne Hibbins - parents of our late Founder, Mr Jeremy Hibbins

Thank you once again for your uplifting support, we are very proud of the way our community is navigating through this new phase.