We must commend the latest of our MEPI participants to have completed their Bronze level Adventurous Journey (AJ). Although prepared for rain on Sunday afternoon, they left early on Saturday morning to avoid the fiercest of the sun’s rays. As this was the Qualifying AJ, the students were unaccompanied, only met by staff (Miss. Tušar or Mr. Irving) at certain pre-planned checkpoints. As well as completing their route of approximately 24km over very hilly terrain, they collected common wild flowers and researched and categorised them along the way. We very much look forward to seeing their findings in a pressed flower composition.

Working West from Vižmarje, our 'early risers' were ready to start their journey to Polhov Gradec at 07:00 on Saturday morning. The wooded undulating route would take them to their campsite - an open field in Hrastenice, where they pitched their tents, and organised a hot meal. The following day found our MEPI team taking in the view on Grmada, before descending to the finish in Polhov Gradec. A very well done to our participants, after a massive effort!

We are very proud of our participants this year, who by succeeding in these challenging times, have demonstrated the true spirit that MEPI strives to foster in our younger generation. MEPI allows the development of their social and independent thinking skills to manifest itself through a series of personal and team challenges. An AJ always culminates in a written reflection, which enables each individual to identify areas of improvement, and celebrate their achievements as they progress through the Award.

We started our expedition very early in the morning on Saturday to try and avoid the heat. It started off as most difficult part of that day, walking up a very steep path for an hour and a half. Later on we went up hill Katarina and continued to our campsite Hrastenice where we arrived at 2 PM. We took the rest of the day to cook lunch, set up the tents and swim. In the evening we set up a campfire and enjoyed the nature. The second day was more difficult and challenging overall, as it took us too long to move from the campsite point to the second point of the day. We were slowly running out of food and water, but we still managed to reach the last two points which were Grmada and Polhov Gradec. For me the expedition was a great learning experience, mostly because it was my first time camping and trying to stay in the nature with just a backpack.

Lara, Year 13

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