Despite the transition to online learning during Block 2, there has been a lot of interesting learning taking place in Mathematics, deepening our Secondary students' subject knowledge and curiosity.

In block 2 in Maths, Year 9A and 9B have been working collaboratively via Zoom Breakout rooms to select a choice of tasks that included creating posters, quizzes, planning a trip project, and even writing a Maths song/rap, choosing 3 activities to reflect their knowledge of fractions, decimals and significant figures. Students then presented their collaborative works to the rest of their class. As one might imagine, the songs were particularly entertaining! This project was such a fantastic way for our students to continue to feel connected and working in teams, whilst of course enhancing their mathematical knowledge along the way. Well done to all groups for putting such great effort into this task!

Moving on to Key Stage 4, Year 10 have been collaboratively exploring concepts of ratio, proportion and compound measures, as well as hosting presentations to the class.

Y10 Maths
Presentation by Uma, Gracie and Dominic, Year 10

Students in Year 11B continued their journey into extended level algebra with the revision and study of works on straight line graphs, as well as the introduction of a very special equation - the equation of the straight line - dubbed the holy equation by Mr Batson for it’s broad application and it’s tendency to turn up at so many levels of Mathematics. The class delved into the many aspects of graphs, such as plotting quadratic equations, gradients, midpoints and a little bit of Pythagoras too. Collectively we also had the opportunity to increase our IT skills by learning how easy it is to upload homework using the Canvas mobile app and how to use desmos to plot graphs from tables of results. We finished the block by looking at more complex graphs such as inverse and cubic graphs.

Y11 Maths

For Year 12, Block 2 was all about presentations, challenge questions and revision as the Pure 1 AS level Mathematics class demonstrated their skills in solving and explaining past examination questions. This activity demanded not only an ability to understand how to complete a question but also the ability to explain how the question was completed. The students did well to pre-empt questions, identify errors and explain in a manner that showed a deep understanding of the techniques. The students finished the block with some of the hardest questions to be found on the work they have done so far this year, which Mr Batson is happy to report, they were able to complete!

The Year 13 Statistics class has been moving speedily through the syllabus, using the weeks towards the end of the block to reflect upon the work done so far. In the final lessons of the block, students were given a surprise challenge of answering typical yet challenging questions from the four chapters studied since August. It was encouraging to see the students recognise what techniques needed to be used for each question and then successfully complete them. We also had time to play some Kahoots, testing how well the students know their statistics techniques. Two more chapters of content remains before the main task of revising and then applying knowledge in examination settings.

Having just finished the sixth chapter of the textbook, the Year 13 Pure Mathematicians are steadily approaching the halfway point of the course and the students have been working hard to overcome the challenges inherent to the highest level of Mathematics currently taught at BISL. Cross-curricular questions were the focus towards the end of the block, where students had to use a variety of techniques to overcome and solve the very challenging questions presented.

Examination Highlights

At the British International School of Ljubljana we are very proud of our achievements in Mathematics and our ability to achieve a high percentage of high and passing grades. Below is a brief summary of our results over the past years.

Exam overview

Student Spotlights

On Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th November, Anna K. and Chloe Z. in Year 12 took their AS Level Mathematics examinations of Pure 1 and Statistics 1. They have both worked incredibly hard to get prepared for these examinations, participating in both AS and A2 Pure Mathematics lessons, as well as Statistics classes after school and extra Mathematics classes during each week since the start of September this year.

DSC 0307

Members of the Sixth Form wished them all the best for their examination:

“Good luck on your exams!” - Izabela

“Good luck, you guys are going to be amazing!” - Emma

“Good luck on your exams and do your best ;)” - Iva

“I wish you all the best on Monday and Wednesday and I am sure the both of you are gonna do exceptionally well on the exam after all the hard work you put into it. It is already incredibly impressive that you are able to do the exams this soon, especially as a Year 12 student and someone who just joined the school, and we all hope you will get the grades you deserve.” - Micky, Head Girl

On Wednesday 4th November Adrian G. M., a student who has been with us since 2009, took the MAT (Maths Admissions test), which is part of his application process to study Computer Science at Oxford University. This is an extremely challenging examination which requires candidates to think quickly and use knowledge from many areas of Mathematics within the 2 hours 15 minute time limit.

Adrian then and now
Then and now...he hasn’t changed a bit!

We all wished him good luck with this test, here are a few personal messages from his peers in Year 13:

“Adrian, nothing has stopped you up until now so why should this.” Christopher

"Reaching for excellence, but excellence is not the limit" Dmitry

“All the best for the exam ( not that you need it ) You have been working really hard and I am sure you will nail it.” Vardhman

“Best of luck for you and I’m sure you will do a great job in the exam!!” Chloe

“I wish you good luck Adrian.” Izabela

“Adrian, good luck and I wish you all the best, I hope you make it! :)” Iva

As you can see, in Secondary Mathematics, there's never a dull moment, and we look forward to what we can learn together in Block 3.