As a culmination of the celebration of our Mathematics block, students across the Primary school and Early Years participated in a giant Maths Treasure Hunt. Early Years were tasked with finding a variety of items matching given descriptions around the classrooms and school building. Years 2 - 4 had to follow a trail of cryptic clues around the school in order to locate envelopes containing tricky maths problems. Years 5 and 6 completed a similar task, however they had to solve a range of more challenging puzzles on their quest to find the final location of the 'treasure'. Some of our enthusiastic Year 4s also decided to challenge themselves further and participated in the more difficult treasure hunt, which was fantastic to see, with everyone going over these challenges in our regular Problem Solving Friday sessions.

In Secondary school, during Maths block we’ve had, along with the timetabled Mathematics lessons, many activities to encourage students to engage with the subject further. During the Secondary school assemblies on Monday mornings, students were challenged with Maths and logic problems, introduced to the how Mathematics permeates all other subjects taught in school - the Mathematics of Haiku poems being one great example of this, and of course the hugely anticipated Pi recital competition which saw one of our Year 11 students, Ewa G, recite Pi to an incredible 64 digits!

Pi recital

Even though the Mathematics theme block has now come to an end, you can still see the display of the incredible fibonacci sequence on the top floor and read about how this simply yet far-reaching sequence of numbers is represented in nature and how it has helped us explain and understand our human concept of beauty. Brain teasing Mathematics problems will still be seen in our weekly newsletters as a permanent feature. And of course students will have constant contact with the subject that the famous Carl Friedrich Gauss called "the queen of the science" in not only Mathematics lessons but also in all subjects, such as the relevance of Mathematics in our everyday lives.

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In Mathematics lessons, students are encouraged to lead parts of the classes, particularly in A level classes where there could be 10 different methods to solve the same question.

So thank you to all students, staff and parents who contributed to this past block and its theme. We will certainly do it all again next year and now hand over to Humanities for Block 2.

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