It has indeed been a very colourful and creative block for all of our students and teachers here at BISL, let's take a look:

COBIS Art Competition

Through the annual COBIS Art Competition, students from around the world are invited to produce a piece of art that reflects the competition theme, this year's being 'Connections'. This competition is a fantastic opportunity for our young artists to compete internationally and showcase their talents.

Entries are grouped in three categories: Key Stage 3, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1. Winners will be announced by COBIS in early Spring in the new year. Take a look at the wonderful works our students have submitted:

BISL Virtual Art Exhibition

As part of our Creative Arts Block, normally the BISL Art Exhibition would take place in school, however due to current circumstances, it has been made Virtual, allowing the artwork to still be viewed by our whole school community. This exhibition celebrates the works created by our students this term, showcasing the skills they have learnt and ideas they have communicated through visual language.

Click on the button below to see all of the fantastic works of our students in more detail:

Cross-curricular initiatives

As you can see in the gallery at the top of this article, there have been some brilliantly creative cross-curricular initiatives for our students to get involved in, including the 'impossible shapes' project between Maths and Art, the Gunpowder Plot comic strip project between History and Art, or the storyboard project between English and Art, to name but a few.

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Performing Arts Celebrations

Throughout this Block, our Performing Arts department have worked on several wonderful projects with our students, encouraging them to find new ways to collaborate with each other remotely and using technology creatively.

One of the biggest of these collaborations has been our whole-school Christmas music video, BISL Does Band Aid:

Our students have really pushed themselves to think outside the box and to collectively get involved with the spirit of Christmas, well done to all involved.

Click on the button below for more details and videos of all of the wonderful performances, including class productions, musical and instrumental performances, solo and group projects, as well as cross-curricular initiatives.

A huge thank you to the Creative Arts Team - Ms Kenealy, Ms Clayton and Mr Hulse for continuing to inspire our students and compiling their works for us to enjoy.