We are very proud and honoured as a school to receive the Teach Well Gold Award for exceptional commitment for Staff Wellbeing at the British International School of Ljubljana.

As a school we prioritise the Wellbeing and Mental Welfare of all of our staff and this award is a huge achievement for us to celebrate as a school.

We are the First International School to receive this prestigious award.

During this year, we have implemented various changes and improvements such as:

  • Offered a wide range of Training Opportunities for staff professional development.
  • Organised Whole School Training Sessions where staff can work together.
  • Praised Staff Successes such as qualifications, awards and nominations.
  • Created an Action Plan with staff of key areas to improve.
  • Supported Staff in and outside of the school.
  • Team Building and Collaboration opportunities.
  • Staff Appreciation Day.
  • 'Secret Friend' day.
  • All staff have finished Staff Wellbeing training.
  • All staff have access to a range of Staff Wellbeing and Mental Welfare training courses.
  • Healthy Living and Healthy Eating advice.
  • Care for and treat everyone in accordance with our BISL Values.
British International School Ljubjana Certificate Teach Well School Award 02 02 20

We see this award as a continuation of our significant investment in all staff and look forward with great excitement to the next steps in creating a positive culture of Staff Wellbeing and Mental Welfare.

As the Teach Well School Award says:

'Come and teach in our school! We will look after you!'

To find out more information about this award, please click here.