It was the second year that Caring for the Community organised our BISL Blood Drive.

Thank you to all those students, parents and staff that went to give blood as part of our BISL Blood drive. There are even more students and parents going this week to support the event. It was wonderful to see over 3/4 of the community being first time blood donors and everyone encouraging their friends and classmates to join us. It was a fun trip, where we supported each other in celebrating our school values: Empathy, Respect, Challenge and Excellence. Our donors saw that it takes less than 1 hour to donate blood, from registering at the office, to filling in a health questionnaire, to having your iron levels and blood pressure checked, to making your way to see the doctor for a double check on your questionnaire to finally actually giving blood. The last part, only takes between 5 and 10 minutes. And in that short time, you can save up to three lives.

So please, if you are healthy, check out the latest blood stocks at Transfusion Centre and see if you are needed. If you are, make your way to Šlajmerjeva 6, 1000 Ljubljana or the nearest donation centre to you on the day.

From the bottom of our hearts, Caring for the Community says THANK YOU for being the one to make a difference.