At the British International School of Ljubljana, the primary school curriculum is integrated into topics or themes. The aim is to view teaching and learning in an interactive and holistic way that reflects the real world.

We find that using a thematic approach improves the quality of teaching and learning in many ways. It allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented and is consequently a powerful tool for building and maintaining students’ interest in learning.

Topics help the children to make connections with their work and increase levels of engagement. They draw on connections from the real world and their own experiences. Students are able to contextualise what they learn and apply the knowledge they acquire in real-life situations.

Topics allow teachers to receive input from students and expand or adapt the content accordingly. They also encourage teachers to use a variety of teaching methods and styles in class to better meet the needs of all the students.

Here at BISL we are constantly trying out new approaches and assessing their effectiveness, but we keep returning to the central importance of a thematic approach to learning.

Robert Blease, Primary School Director of Learning