Today we celebrated Student Appreciation Day.

The purpose of this day is to recognise our amazing students, acknowledge how fantastic they are and appreciate each and every individual in the school.

Students were able to read teacher comments posted on the Student Appreciation Wall, including some thank-yous, notes on what teachers enjoyed about teaching our wonderful students and some of their favourite experiences of their school year so far. The students also received some lovely thank you cards to take home with them. You can see what they looked like in the gallery below.

Our teachers wrote comments about all students, so everyone received a personal note about how special they are and thanked for their contribution to the school each day.

At the British International School of Ljubljana, we have held appreciation days for staff, students and have our Parent Appreciation Day planned for Friday 15th February. We believe that when we value all members of the community, it benefits the students by both enabling them to make incredible progress at school and feel valued as individuals.

We look forward to seeing you at our next appreciation day and sharing our gratitude for those who we learn with every day.