It was a big start to a new year for this block, where we welcomed many new faces amongst staff and students into the school.

With new faces comes new energy and it has been wonderful to not only see the change but to also feel the buzz around school. Expectations have been refined and standards are rising as students and staff are working together to create a fair, productive and positive environment for all to be involved in and contribute to.

This block was extremely busy with critical connections being made between staff and students as all year levels attended the fun filled Adventure Trips. It required courage and support of one another to be able to be involved in and complete all the activities that Mr. Damjan has worked tirelessly to organise. The feedback from students was very positive and despite some tired faces at school, all enjoyed their trips immensely.

Additionally, this block hosted a Mathematics theme across the school with many interactive events being organised. Head of Mathematics, Mr. Batson planned a Mathematics display with many problems for students to solve, as well as a Pi reciting competition. The Year 7s were involved with Primary to compete in theirMega Maths Morning against the younger students as well as much of Secondary attending the Year 4 business stalls. Year 8B assisted Year 2 with some reading and next block Year 9 will assist Primary classes in languages. It is wonderful to be able to foster the relationships across the school and to see the patience and kindness from the older students positively influencing the very excited younger ones.

Next block sees the theme shift to a focus on the Humanities, as well as the induction of student leadership and student council. For upcoming events, please see our calendar, or browse through our weekly newsletters for details. I want to personally thank all families for their support in the last block and I look forward to Block Two.


Stephanie Andronikos

Head of Secondary School