At the start of the final term of the year, let us look back upon some of the highlights of Block 5.

Mock Examinations

This was for some of our students a very important experience as they approach the May Examination period. The students were given an additional opportunity to check their understanding and ability to apply their knowledge as well as practice the strict Cambridge Exam conditions. The results were carefully analysed by teachers and opportunities for the students to set their own targets were given.

In these final weeks we wish the students much success in revising the content, and particularly not to underestimate the power of feeling rested to tackle the number of academic challenges in the upcoming two months.

Movie Night

On March 6th we witnessed a great display of teamwork, collaboration and communication across all age groups. Our sixth form students organised a movie night for Primary and Secondary students as well as staff and parents. They prepared lovely baked goods, popcorn and lemonade for the viewers to enjoy exciting films. Their efforts to raise fund for their graduation ceremony have paid off as the figure got up to 1.000 EUR. Apart from a true commitment from our students, also a big thank you to Primary school for supporting their cause in such numbers.

World Book Day

As part of our World Book Day celebration we were treated to a visit by our former student, Tilen Bregar, who introduced his brand new book ‘The Golden Cross’. It was great to see him enthuse other students to explore their imagination and skill in a similar way. We wish Tilen every success and we look forward to picking up from a library shelf many more of his newest crime novels.


It was lovely to see how excited and joyful the students returned from the Nordic Ski Center Planica on March 21st. Our Secondary students enjoyed watching breath-taking ski flying in a beautiful Alpine setting under Ponce. The sun was shining, the vuvuzelas were singing and everyone returned to BISL a bit tired yet greatly pleased.

Key Stage 4 trip to Krško and Brežice

The same day as our Lower Secondary students enjoyed the fresh air of Tamar Valley, our Years 10 and 11 went towards Posavje Region to visit the World of Energy in Krško and the hydroelectric power plant in Brežice. The students learnt about various power plants and got an excellent insight in how Slovenia get the energy in needs.

Science Week (March 11th to 15th)

The whole school theme brought together project based learning topics from a variety of year groups and subject areas from across the school. The common theme was journeys. The school has been covered in rockets, planets displays, models, assemblies, presentations and visitors. We have had parents in lessons and involved in Science experiments.

Years 7, 8 and 9 have transformed their science department with an organic display that has crept from the admin office (the sun) to the full length of the science corridor. The themes of students project work has been:

  • Journey Through The Solar System
  • Journey of The Earth
  • Journey of The Earth’s Atmosphere
  • Journey of Life on Earth
  • The Chemical Composition of Gases on Planets
  • Climate Change
  • Social, Political and Economical Factors in Environmental Science and Policy

On Thursday Years 8 and 9 gave an assembly on the history of the Earth’s atmosphere and the effects of anthropogenic pollution on climate change.

A huge well done to everyone involved, from students, staff and parents.

French Week (March 18th – 22nd)

Ms Poulet took on a challenge to promote French language and culture through a variety of enriching activities. A movie night was held in Primary on March 18th where some French cartoons were shown. The second event was Le Macaron D’ Or baking competition whose 3 winners were announced on Monday, March 25th. Year 9 students were also exposed to a cross-curricular experience at the National Gallery in Ljubljana, where Art and languages were the focus of the excursion.

Annual Staff vrs Students Football Match

Monday saw the continuation of the annual Staff vs Students Football match in memory of our former colleague Dr Tomi Koprivnjak. This year saw the students get off to a flying start and take a healthy 4 goal to 2 goal lead over the staff team, however, the second half allowed the staff team to keep their reigning title, coming out the eventual winners. Staff 8, Students 4. We already know that some of the students are particularly keen to be old enough to take part in the game and hopefully turn the outcome in favour of the students.

At the start of Term 3

There are various challenging and exciting activities planned for the final term of the year – some with the emphasis on life skills, others have a cultural and academic focus. Already on April 10th majority of our Key Stage 3 students will attend a sporting competition in Padova, Italy and our PTA will be hosting a wonderful event on the 16th of this month – the International Day where cultures that constitute our school community will be celebrated. This is a great opportunity for especially new families to attend and experience the ‘BISL atmosphere’.

For more information, please check regularly the Dates To Note section of the Secondary Newsletter.

My colleagues and I are looking forward to exciting and enriching final weeks of the school year and wish all the students much success in concluding the year level they are at.