This term Key Stage 3 students expanded on the ‘Journeys’ theme for Science week and interlinked various topics and timelines through Physics (Journey through the solar system), Chemistry (Evolution of Earth’s atmosphere) Biology (Evolution of Earths Biosphere). They have began to understand the relationships between the biological and non biological aspects of Earth’s environment. This has ultimately led to research and investigation into pollution and climate change. Here year 9 have picked up the gauntlet and ran with their passion for Environmental issues’ by organising BiSL’s first World Earth Day.

Earth Day 2019

Year 9 negotiated and arranged with Mr Walton various school action points and delivered assemblies across the school last week to highlight this day.

  • Students made posters which were displayed across the school and wrote a letter to the Mayor
  • Many students and staff came into school by bike, public transport or car share
  • The school photocopiers were turned off all day
  • All lights were turned off for an hour at ten o’clock. (Many staff didn’t turn them back on)
  • Year 9 girls presented several lessons and talks to primary school students in various classes.
  • Year 9 boys made arrangements to see our Mayor of Ljubljana (special thanks to Oskar Makar)
  • Oskar Makar wrote a letter of introduction to the Mayor
  • Mr Walton came into school on Sunday and planted more trees and flowers with parents.

Invite to the Town Hall and Mayors office

The Mayor sent green transport to pick up our students and transport them to the town hall. Our students were perfect ambassadors’ for BiSL and were welcomed into the Mayor’s office to discuss green policy, environmental strategies and key areas of Ljubljana’s renewable, low carbon action plans. The Mayor explained his motivation for the work he has pursued and the ambition to make Ljubljana the safest and greenest city in Europe. He answered questions about policy, reform, managing change, educating citizens and personal responsibility and accountability for changing culture and values.

The Mayor was presented with a signed Year Book from our students as a token of thanks and students received official books on Ljubljana and t-shirts. They were given a tour of the city by electric cars and had time for an ice cream before lunch.